Wiki Maintenance (formally TODO list) is a page where things are collected that are missing/should be done/should be corrected/waiting to be formed into a page or was suggested to be added.

If you can add any info to any point, please do it at the bottom of the page, in the appropriate point.

This page uses the {{TODOicon}} template to set the progress level of the maintenance required. The following key will assit you when updating or adding points to the list.
Dot Point Key: Use 0 for TODO 0 gray (not started), 1 for TODO 1 red (started), 2 for TODO 2 orange (has progress), 3 for TODO 3 green (already done).

Needs to be created

Needs to be reworked / reformatted

High priority

Normal priority

Low priority

Needs additional information

Needs to be checked

Images needing uploading,renaming or updating

These image files need to be renamed to conform to the file naming conventions for this wikia. If you have uploaded a file with the incorrect file name please add to this list and an admin or content manager will make the necessary changes.

  • TODO 3 Fortress-5-icon needs to be renamed to Fortress-5-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Light-5-icon needs to be renamed to Light-5-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Abyss-5-icon needs to be renamed to Abyss-5-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Dark-5-icon needs to be renamed to Dark-5-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Fortress-Mage-4-icon needs to be renamed to Fortress-Mage-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Shadow-Warrior-4-icon needs to be renamed to Shadow-Warrior-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Shadow-Assassin-4-icon needs to be renamed to Shadow-Assassin-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Abyss-Warrior-4-icon needs to be renamed to Abyss-Warrior-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Abyss-Assassin-4-icon needs to be renamed to Abyss-Assassin-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Forest-Ranger-4-icon needs to be renamed to Forest-Ranger-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 Forest-Priest-4-icon needs to be renamed to Forest-Priest-4-icon.png
  • TODO 3 32px Needs to be deleted is a duplicate of above with different name.

Completed (partly)

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