SlurExe97 SlurExe97 23 March 2019

Idle Heroes Wiki rebuild: Paging all Wiki editors

For some time this Wiki has been outdated. Most of the Wiki is well done, but the heroes section severely needs updating. Some individual editors have taken upon themselves the task of updating but unfortunately without much support, it has been short-lived. AreYouSkerei, ShiLyn, and I (SlurExe97 aka Rock) are now trying to kick start a rebuild for the wiki, but we can't do it alone. We need your help. If you are interested in helping us keep this Wiki up to date, please leave a comment below! Let's start a team. The more hands we have, the better we can be!

If the moderator remains inactive, then I will try to adopt the Wiki. A lot of this Wiki's pages are protected, and many tasks like renaming pages can only be done by an admin. Having a…

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