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ShiLyn ShiLyn 17 July 2019

Brave Trial Heroes

Brave Trial has recently been reworked and no longer has a store. It now has two Modes, Day Mode (the existing brave Trial stages) and Night Mode (the new stages). Night Mode added another 15 stages(levels) and starts drawing its heroes from the Arena Top 500 team Histories. The gains on each level has increased for both Day and Night Modes with check points at stage 3,6,9,12 that give bonus and .

Below is a guide for early game players to be able to complete the first 15 stages of Brave Trial (Day Mode).

  • 1 Brave Trial
    • 1.1 Solo run Heroes
    • 1.2 Night Mode
    • 1.3 Tips

Before you even tap on the Brave trail icon go into your heroes list and UNEQUIP ALL your heroes. Once this is done you can then enter Brave Trial.

If the teams you are up against are 4 st…

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ShiLyn ShiLyn 17 July 2019

Aspen Heroes

  • 1 Aspen Heroes
    • 1.1 Easy 100
    • 1.2 Normal 100
    • 1.3 Difficulty
      • 1.3.1 Difficulty 50

This will give you a general idea of the heroes you can use when battling in Aspen. Most often the heroes you will use have a self healing ability. This guide is mainly for those in Early Game.

with a bit of rnd luck a 5 star norma could get you to Easy 50. A 6 Star can pass Easy 50 with help from other heroes. 9 star could take you to Easy 100 as long as you have 6 star gear and a priest artifact equip. same as norma above but is more likely to take you to Easy 100 at 6 star and up with minimal help from other heroes.

Other heroes that will help or assist the above two main heroes in get you to Easy 100. as long as you have crit artifact to assist with her self heal. wil…

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ShiLyn ShiLyn 17 April 2019

Idle heroes Wiki Editors

As you may of seen from SlurExe97's blog post we are attempting to update this wiki and get it going as one of the information sources that is used when gamers are looking for details regarding the game. 

Since that post we have had a few new editors who have been kind enough to help out with information updates and page creations and we would like thank you and hope you will continue to assist us and become part of our editoral team. If you are interested in becoming regular editors please let us know in the comments below. 

We have yet to hear from any of the current moderators or admins for this wiki and as stated in SlurExe97 post it is hard to update certain pages,like the home page of the site, due to page access restrictions.

As the mo…

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