Shadow Heroes

  • Aidan - "Your soul is mine."
  • Baade - "Death Rider approaches."
  • Blood Blade - "Plead from the knife of the underworld."
  • Corpsedemon - "I shall kill for the night king!"
  • Dominator - "The death pact is sealed."
  • Field - "You want to know where me treasure is??"
  • Horus - "I am the crack between life and death; the find of eye between breath and grieve."
  • Jahra - "I'm not a queen or a monster; I'm the goddess of death!"
  • Kamath - "I see everything!"
  • Kharma - "No illusion can save you from the all-seeing eyes of mine."
  • Lutz - "How DARE you, to face the face of Idle Heroes!"
  • Walter - "No brave Knight can prevail over a poison that can neither be cut by his sword nor blocked by his shield."

Fortress Heroes

  • Bleecker - "Thunder is good, but it's lightning that does the work. Ha ha ha ha..."
  • Emily - "Here is the fortress. Charge!*
  • Flame Strike - "I'll burn you to ashes."
  • Honor Guard - "For the Dwarven Homeland!"
  • Iceblink - "Alright, everyone! Chill."
  • Miki - (Roughly translated from Japanese) "My name is Miki."
  • Mirage - "Hmm! You won't even see what hits you!"
  • OD-01 - "All breeds shall bow before me."
  • Ormus - "Death has no place here."
  • Penny - "I don't care what other people say. Time to fly! Crap... it's a dud."
  • Sigmund - "The best defense is a good offense."
  • Valentino - "Careful... This may tickle. A little..."
  • Xia - (Roughly translated from Chinese) - "Kill people in ten steps, not staying in a thousand miles."

Abyss Heroes

  • Barea - "We shall rise from the ashes!"
  • Cthugha - "Life is worthless to me."
  • Dantalian - "MY FURY IS BONELESS!!"
  • Fat Mu - "I gotta burn some calories."
  • Gusta - "Every block of stone has a statue inside, and it is the task of sculptor to discover that."
  • Karim - "Your strength shall be mine."
  • King Barton - "Send in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honour matters. The silence is your answer."
  • Kroos - "HAH! Weakness! I sense it in you."
  • Lord Balrog - "Chaos... is a ladder."
  • Margaret - "I love the smell of poison in the mornings!"
  • Queen - "Bow to your queen, or I will slice you in half; a few halves."
  • Skerei - "United we stand, divided we fall!"

Forest Heroes

  • Demon Hunter - "Oh. Were you saying something?"
  • Dragon Slayer - "I am the strongest!"
  • Eddga - "I am eager to strike!"
  • Faceless - "You are unworthy to see my face, but you're welcome to see my blades."
  • Groo - "My bark is harder than your bite."
  • Heart Watcher - "What's your stance on being debuffed?"
  • Malassa - "I bask in the twilight."
  • Oberon - "The forest and I are one."
  • Rosa - "With my brain, and your brawn, we will make an excellent team."
  • Starlight - "Star light, star bright. It's the only star you'll see tonight!"
  • Valkyrie - "FEAR MY SPEAR!"
  • Vesa - "Mark my words, the victory will be mine!"

Dark Heroes

  • Amen-Ra - "Are... Are you going to betray me just like them?"
  • Amuvor - "I'm here in the shadow."
  • Aspen - "Weather forecast forecast for tonight: Dark, with a chance of bleed."
  • Dark Arthindol - "Singularities can be petrifying."
  • Das Moge - "You haven't wronged if you were with death."
  • Mihm - "You can't hide from the all-seeing eye!"
  • Sleepiness - "Darkness never rests."

Light Heroes

  • Aida - "Perfection outlasts compromise. That's my dictionary."
  • Asmodel - "The guardian of light never waves!"
  • Belrain - "The courage to walk into the darkness, but the strength to return to the light."
  • Faith Blade - "I put my faith in my blade."
  • Gerke - "I must restore the heavenly order!"


  • Baade's quote used to make sense in his old design when he was riding something.
  • Norma is the only viable 5 and 6 star hero who doesn't have a quote.
  • On your hero list, if you tap a hero, then a second one about 0.1 seconds after, then press the "back" arrow once, the first hero will say the voiceline of the second.
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