Glorious Temple

The temple (also refered to as the Relic Store) is located in the Events Interface at the top right of your screen, It carries skins, Artifacts and top tier heroes that you can buy using the Glory Holy Relic-icon Glory Holy Relics

The Glory Holy Relic-icon Glory Holy Relic are obtained by fully completing certain events.

As at the time of writing this the following heroes are are in the Glorious Temple.

Heroes in the Glorious Temple
Fraction Heroes Price in
Light Light Aida-5-icon Aida 80
Light Light Belrain-5-icon Belrain


Light Light Faith Blade-5-icon Faith Blade 80
Light Light Michelle-5-icon Michelle 80
Light Light Asmodel-5-icon Asmodel 80
Dark Dark Aspen-5-icon Aspen 80
Dark Dark Mihm-5-icon Mihm 80
Dark Dark Das Moge-5-icon Das Moge 80
Dark Dark Amuvor-5-icon Amuvor 80
Dark Dark Dark Arthindol-5-icon Dark Arthindol 80
Forest Forest Starlight-5-icon Starlight 50
Forest Forest Valkyrie-5-icon Valkyrie 60
Forest Forest Heart Watcher-5-icon Heart Watcher 60
Forest Forest Vesa-5-icon Vesa 60
Forest Forest Groo-5-icon Groo 50
Forest Forest Rosa-5-icon Rosa 50
Forest Forest Demon Hunter-5-icon Demon Hunter 60
Abyss Abyss Cthugha-5-icon Cthugha 60
Abyss Abyss Dantalian-5-icon Dantalian 50
Abyss Abyss Kroos-5-icon Kroos 60
Abyss Abyss Karim-5-icon Karim 50
Abyss Abyss King Barton-5-icon King Barton 60
Abyss Abyss Queen-5-icon Queen 50
Abyss Abyss Barea-5-icon Barea 60
Abyss Abyss Margaret-5-icon Margaret 50
Abyss Abyss Skerei-5-icon Skerei 60
Fortress Fortress Xia-5-icon Xia 60
Fortress Fortress Valentino-5-icon Valentino 60
Fortress Fortress Sigmund-5-icon Sigmund 50
Fortress Fortress Iceblink-5-icon Iceblink 50
Fortress Fortress Flame Strike-5-icon Flame Strike 60
Fortress Fortress Ormus-5-icon Ormus 60
Fortress Fortress Emily-5-icon Emily 50
Shadow Shadow Baade-5-icon Baade 50
Shadow Shadow Horus-5-icon Horus 60
Shadow Shadow Jahra-5-icon Jahra 60
Shadow Shadow Walter-5-icon Walter 50
Shadow Shadow Aidan-5-icon Aidan 50
Shadow Shadow Kamath-5-icon Kamath 60
Shadow Shadow Corpsedemon-5-icon Corpsedemon 60
Shadow Shadow Blood Blade-5-icon Blood Blade 50
Limited Skins in the Glorious Temple
Fraction Hero Skin Name Cost
Dark Dark Amuvor-5-icon Amuvor 28px Original Sin Armor 30
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