The Tower of Oblivion is a PVE only dungeon that unlocks for the player at level 24. Each layer consists of a set team of six heroes the player must defeat, before advancing to the next layer. Each layer is progressively more difficult than the last and the current maximum layer is 550. The tower is one of the best places for players to get 5★ heroes in the early game.


Combat is the same as elsewhere in the game. The player can field a team of up to six heroes, two front-line and four back-line, to fight an opposing enemy team that will consist of six heroes. Each layer will often have a line-up of heroes that gets a boost from their Hero Faction Aura. After 15 rounds, the player will be automatically defeated.

Magic Water-drops

In order to battle the current layer the player must have at least one Magic Water-drop, which refresh at a rate of 1 per 30 minutes and can have a maximum of 10. Magic Water-drops are only consumed if the player fails to defeat the layer.

Although it is possible to purchase Magic Water-drops with Gems-icon Gems, this is highly discouraged as the drops are re-stocked quickly, and it is better focus on upgrading your heroes to improve your chances of beating the layer, while waiting for the drops to automatically refresh.


Each beaten layer rewards the player with Gold-icon Gold and Hero Promotion Stone-icon Hero Promotion Stones, and additional rewards every five layers of either hero shards or gear. These rewards scale with the difficulty of the higher levels.

Note: For defeating layer 105 (and every 25 layers thereafter) the player will be rewarded with 50 5★ hero shards.

Note 2: From layer 451, for every 25 layers after, The player is rewared with either 5 Prophet orbs or 10 super wishing coins

Tower of Oblivion Layer 1-100,
Tower of Oblivion Layer 101-200,
Tower of Oblivion Layer 201-300,
Tower of Oblivion Layer 301-400,
Tower of Oblivion Layer 401-500,
Tower of Oblivion Layer 501-600

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