• Hello fellow editor! AreYouSkerei and I noticed that you have been updating the Wiki recently. Would you be interested in joining us in becoming a team of Wiki editors? We'll update you with more information soon - please stay tuned.

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    • Sure i've been meaning to post on reddit offering to help after all the hoo haw and the post regarding updating this wiki but not got around to creating an account at reddit yet.

      Im only a beginner in my 2nd month now so all i can really do is screen grabs and copying stats from the game over. I did post to the admins wall asking for directing on using one of the Templates that is used for the skill activation for the heroes but not heard back yet so i shelved my updating of the heros idea and noticed the events had not been updated since oct last year so figured i could do that.

      I liked your re design of the heroes your been working on so decided to look into updating the events page with tabs save having to scroll just to get to current event (thought mobiles still have to scroll unless i switch to the other tab version). 

      As you prob saw from my update of the TODO List page am attempting to create a template for use on the events page. Been awhile since i last played on wiki not since the redesign of the coding for the infoboxes so im a bit rusty and playing catchup with all the changes.

      Anyway count me in to help where i can.

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    • That's awesome, the more bases we can cover the more faster we can bring this up to speed. I'm relatively new to the game too - just over a month in. For a card collecting game Wiki, the first thing I found was that the cards/heroes were lacking but didn't know enough about events yet at the time.

      Regarding new templates, me neither. I've always stuck with the old version because that's what I know how to use. Probably a little utilitarian and not as efficient, but it works. Since the admin on here seems inactive, I'm planning of adopting the Wiki. I'll put up a blog post about this, and hope the others (if there are other regular editors) agree. Having at least one editor with admin status is going to give us a lot more power with protected pages.

      Btw, I think you should consider renaming the to-do list into "Wiki Maintenance" in the future - just a term more usually used.

      Great to have you with us.

      Edit: Do you have a preference for communication? Discord, Messenger, something else?

      Edit edit: This is what the blog post will contain, let me know if you disagree with anything and if it's all good I'll post it in my blog, in Discussions, and another on Reddit.

      (NagartHUN - if you're still active, please respond)

      For some time this Wiki has been outdated. Most of the Wiki is well done, but the heroes section severely needs updating. Some individual editors have taken upon themselves the task of updating but unfortunately without much support, it has been short-lived. AreYouSkerei, ShiLyn, and I (SlurExe97 aka Rock) are now trying to kick start a rebuild for the wiki, but we can't do it alone. We need your help. If you are interested in helping us keep this Wiki up to date, please leave a comment below! Let's start a team. The more hands we have, the better we can be!

      If the moderator remains inactive, then I will try to adopt the Wiki. A lot of this Wiki's pages are protected, and having admin status will greatly help us in moving forward. Your voice is important - please comment below on your approval or disapproval.

      We have previously made a post on Reddit, but did not generate much interest there. We will post a new one about Wiki adoption soon.


      SlurExe97, AreYouSkerei, ShiLyn

      Things to do:

      In addition to the excellent TODO list compiled by ShiLyn

      Hero and monster page upgrades:

      • Update units: We need better templates for heroes than what is currently in use. We have something designed that we hope is more functional (please click here for a preview, any feedback appreciated), both for desktop and mobile.
      • Integration of Skins to individual hero pages.
      • Individual monster pages showing tier progression.

      Important: Please avoid putting templates on pages until it's finalised!


      • We need card images (icons with maximum level number, as shown in the in-game card encyclopedia) and standardisation of image names (gallery pictures should be named [name]-[stars].png for example "Xia-5.png", while icons should be named [name]-[stars]-icon.png with spaces in name preserved).
      • We need material card icon (food) from hero fusion screen (not fragments from bag) for each faction and rarity (named [faction]-[stars]-icon.png).
      • Monsters - we also need to replace images. Monster image only without skill info titled [monster name]-[tier].png and icons titled [monster name]-[tier]-icon.png

      In addition:

      • General upkeeping and updating, and fixing the formatting of other pages as needed.

      Tier lists are currently not a high priority to be updated on the Wiki, as there are many excellent outside sources like or the Reddit. However, feel free to update the existing tier list, or make a new blog post. Your blog post will be used as reference material if it is well done!

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    • The To-do list was already created by the time i found the wiki i believe the current Admin created it NagartHUN . The renaming suggestion is a good idea. I have made a few errors when uploading imagers and need to get them either removed or renamed. I also wish to update the current events and new heroes anouncment on the front page. So yes having an active editor with admin status will help if the current one is inactive.

      As for preference of communication i only heard of Discord this month and i don't use messenger atm but we can see what we can work out. I'm currently a lurker over on reddit so ill try to get around to making an account there.

      The Blog post you may want to edit the Things to do part to show NagartHUN as the creator of the TODO List and Qhil and Kohelfs as an earily contributors. We prob need to edit ithe list more and add a section regarding image file name conventions as like i mentioned before i made a few errors when uploading images. We will also need to outline clearly the templates to use when updating the different areas like what is done for the Items on the TODO List.

      As for the Tier lists maybe place a link to the reddit with the tier lists or MKxJumps page tier_list_pvp_and_pve_tier_lists_by_mkxjump_march Im not sure how much is getting updated anymore. If we have links at least they will still get the latest information and not upgrade heroes using old info.

      Im still trying to figure out the Template:HS which is the template being used for the heros skills see Corpsedemon.

      Sounds good what you have.

      Edit: BTW I uploaded a few icons for the shelter event im not sure if something like that is what you mean by the material card icon, Instead of calling it Hero Shard-icon i called it Hero add-icon (I had no idea what to call it so winged it :-) )

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    • Alright, blog post edited and posted. If people approve, I can apply for Wiki adoption in one week, which if it succeeds will gives me Bureaucrat status (a step above admin in power).

      No worries, we can work out something for communication. Instant messaging is preferable, but we can make do with what you have.

      Yeah... I have no idea what the hell is being coded in that template. Perhaps he's pulling values off some database, I don't know, can't find it. Heck, the hero page itself breaks when I open it in source view. One thing I know though, is that it doesn't look good on the finished page, plus it's extra work just to see the information you want to see (having to scroll down past that very long table on the right and expand then the skills table). In any case, designing the Wiki to be impossible to edit except by the one person having access to things is also very discouraging for any editors passing by.

      I am very tempted to add this little rant into the blog post, before someone demands to "make it for small screens first". 

      For mobile users: if it is an option, please scroll down to the very bottom of any Wiki page and select "Desktop view". We try to make templates that are functional for both for desktop and mobile devices, but because Wikia is not a mobile-friendly site no matter how much they try and push that narrative, this cannot be guaranteed without coding for a separate mobile template with less features and doubling our work. We would strongly prefer to finish one template first, properly update the Wiki, before worrying about a parallel template.

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    • I can't see how a short advisory note for moble users stating the best viewing options for the site would do any harm if you wanted to include somthing like that.

      I have been trying to make my templates with as detailed notes as possible so anyone can use them after just reading the docs. As such this is causing the Events Template to be quite involved, but I will be going over the notes of exsiting templates and updating them as required as well, some have good documentation with them others look part finished.

      Hopfully we can get this back up as one of the go to sites with latest info regarding the game.

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    • Okay, I'm an idiot and can't get Discussions to work. The Reddit post is here.

      I've worked as an admin in another short-lived Wiki before (and then the game shut down) but to be honest, I am still in the habit of bodging things. I didn't make documentation for templates before, and for now I hope that tutorial I have on my userpage is good enough for now until I can make something better. You're more advanced on the I am with wikicode.

      By the way, you're using one template for all events? It's fine either way (perhaps more efficient to have one than many but that's a wall of code). I don't see a <includeonly>{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}} | | (category switch here) }}</includeonly> command in there though? It's so categories won't show in userpages (and on the template page itself) in case someone puts the template on their userpage. Like what I put on top here.

      Yes, that would be great - Wikis are often what players look for first.

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    • Well that's been over 2 weeks. Looks like that might be the only response we're going to get...

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    • Yeah seems that way sorry only just found this, but on another note i signed up for a discord account using the discord link in the menu that takes u to the Idle Heroes Discussion channel. Not sure how it all works but i can read msg but not send (don't wish to active that part of it yet)

      BTW im adding to the TODO list images that need renaming (mostly mine that i uploaded for events and did not know at the time what to call them) and Im all for renaming the TODO list to Wikia Maintenance

      Oh and i think i will need your help with the category switch for the template i keep drawing a blank as i can not think of any categories it needs if any so have left it as your example for now. I might need to convert the whole think to Lua if load time lags.

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      I haven't been active enough recently to apply. You can apply for bureaucrat now and it would be granted.

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    • Ok i have applied will let you know the outcome.

      Oh and i have decided to attempt to make the events page mobile friendly and have requested information on what we need to do to get Idle Heroes to appear in the Fandom app to see if it is do-able for us or not. I was going over the disscussion part of the wiki and noticed a few questions regarding it.

      It appears i need to do a Blog post again regarding this so what are your thoughts on me Bloging the below msg.

      As you may of seen from SlurExe97's blog post we are attempting to update this wiki and get it going as one of the information sources that is used when gamers are looking for details regarding the game. 

      Since that post we have had a few new editors who have been kind enough to help out with information updates and page creations and we would like thank you and hope you will continue to assist us and become part of our editoral team. If you are interested in becoming regular editors please let us know in the comments below. 

      We have yet to hear from any of the current moderators or admins for this wiki and as stated in SlurExe97 post it is hard to update certain pages,like the home page of the site, due to page access restrictions.

      As the moderator has remained inactive we will start the adoption process please let us know in comments any approvals or objections to this. We would love to hear your opinions.


      ShiLyn , SlurExe97 , AreYouSkerei

      Anything i need to add?? and are you in contact with AreYouSkerei if so can you inform them of the change.

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    • I've been messaging back and forth with AreYouSkerei on Reddit but it seems they has been busy lately. I think the blog post is excellent. I can perhaps post on those new editors' wall, to get their attention? I'll share it on Reddit too.

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    • Cool np i'll be joining up with reddit soon under the same user name so will let you know when im over they with an account. Yeah a post on their walls would be good.

      Ok ill post this now on my blog.

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    • Wow, that was a very fast response from the staff. I guess I'm announcing this on Reddit then. We have new admins!

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    • Yes im updating your status now.

      OK your updated. I wish to convert all the info boxes to the portable info box i thought they all were but it does not look like some are.

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    • Thank you!

      One thing we have to change is the welcome message. Not much use redirecting someone to an inactive admin. Never mind, it auto-leaves a message by the latest active admin.

      I haven't had any real experience with portable infoboxes. Tried using it once a couple years back, can't figure it out at the time. It sounds very useful to be able to collapse sections, worth a second look. Probably easy if you have css experience but I don't.

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    • I looked at them when they first came out but not played with them in awhile so will relook at them. Im fine with CSS all i will need from you will be the infoboxes that is the finial look we are going for with the heroes pages and i can start seeing about creating a duplicate as a portable infobox.

      With this new event im finding a few images that have not been uploaded yet so im atempting some screen grabs. Anything else that needs to be done we can start adding them to the TODO list (which can be renamed) that way whoever is on knows what needs doing.

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    • I'm back! Sorry for the AWOL.

      I have a suggestion for the events page. Rather than making it a giant list on the bottom, it would be neater to have a separate page, I think. Since weekly events are the same events over and over again, we can make pages like "Exchange events" or "List of Exchange events" etc, and then subpages for each event, for example this event will be "Exchange Events/Angel Concert".

      Also, I think I like separate templates better. Right now, you have it all in tables, which isn't great for future editing. I'll draft something out, and if it's good we can turn it into a template.

      This can be our final version for the cards. If you think it's good, you can go ahead with the portable infobox. All the extended stats below speed can be made collapsible.

      Do we need to remove bureaucrat rights from inactive admins?

      Btw, just saying... but I don't like embedding links directly into images. I like clickable images and the text that described it can be clicked later.

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    • Oops... should have checked my Reddit inbox first. This is going to be a giant wall of text, sorry!

      Your User:ShiLyn/Sandbox/Shadow looks excellent for a card list. Provides an excellent overview of all the stats. Maybe we can separate columns for hero icon and name, just to make it so card names don't go down to a next line. Maybe we can also separate AoE into 2 columns, for normal or skill attacks.

      I don't like Navboxes for card collecting games in general. They'll get too big quickly, and a simple table/list like what you have already is more than sufficient to search through everything you want.

      I'm not so sure with your EventReward template - I think it might be overcomplicating things. If they're things that don't change from event to event (for example, Heroic Miracle always gives the same set of equipments and a 5* at the end), then they could be much more easily hardcoded into the template without having to use layers and layers of templates like you have, as long as image file names are standardised. We only need something simple and functional, something welcoming to new editors.

      We can worry about shops later. I think listing their factions in User:ShiLyn/Sandbox/Glorious Temple is overkill, though. People generally only check there for prices, and the card factions should be obvious enough.

      Your portable hero infobox - it's mostly copied from what's currently on here, right? Collapsible stuff done perfectly. Will be some time before I figure out what does what there... I don't know where that old template is pulling stats data from, or what FRI, HG, and HS templates do. It's very different from how I've imagined it, apologies if I'm criticising a lot!

      I know it's a work in progress, but from what I'm seeing now it seems quite complicated to use, having to input manually galleries, image names, links. I aim to make as many things hardcoded and standardised in the template, so what an editor sees is as fill-in-the-blanks as possible, something any newbie can edit (this kind of simplicity here is what I aim for, please ignore the mess of that skin template for now). Hopefully, portable templates can get down to that level. This is the first Wiki I've encountered that used portable templates, and honestly, the non-straightforwardness of it all is turning me off it already.

      Can you make it so you don't flip through rarity in the infobox itself, but on an outside tabber like I've done it? The original intention was to be able to quickly flip between tabbers to compare a card's skills and stats through different rarities. We also don't need old hero versions if that's your intention with Starlight, just the latest info. If a hero gets updated in-game, we show the most updated thing here.

      "Fused from" and "Acquired through" should be moved outside - I don't think they're data appropriate for infoboxes. Lists don't look good in there. Imo, summoning doesn't need to be listed because it's a definite given for any card 1-5* (of course, this should be hardcoded if you still want summoning listed). We don't need hero skins embedded in the infobox itself either - they can go into a separate tabber (see the Costumes tab, although we don't need multiple nested tabbers owing to the smaller images in this game).

      Minor formatting, but can you make it so that the stats words don't break lines? Right now I see it as "At-tack" and "Ar-mor" in 2 different lines. Using <br> between the image and the word, and setting it to center align may help.

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    • No this is great this is the feed back I needed. Ok let me try and answer a few of your questions. I have since decided to do away with the EventsRewards template after going over the templates categories in more details I realised it would not be needed and I can use the existing ones. It took a bit of time to work out what some of the templates were for as with no documentation or easy to understand names it was trial and error.

      Ok the Sandbox/Shadow page was just taking the original shadow page and putting it in a tab layout then I realise it might work better as category pages cause they are not being utilised how they should be this means the shadow page would be set out on the category page with the category underneath I started playing with the Abyss one and put this together keep in mind the category will be underneath and the portrait images would be of the different heroes the table would show all heroes or selecting the 10 star would just show the 10 star options or the whole thing could be in tabs and revealed on button press.

      The navboxes I can see how you mean they can get big but that is why I have 3 separate design in the one template at the moment. The first one being the smallest. The intent was a way for people to navigate straight to another hero with out having to go back to the category page or the shadow page (how ever we decide which way to go) and they can just drop down to the bottom of the hero page to the navbox and go straight to another hero. The navbox would be hard coded, so all that would be needed to put to add it to the page would be {{Abyss Navbox}} and thats it. Only time it will need to be edited is when adding a new hero. see below for the other site i used as other template for ideas.

      The Events Template yes I have started to come to the realisation that we might have to separate it out. The reason all fields are editable is because looking back over the past events I realised the developers are not constant in the prizes they will change them up at times and the template needs to be flexible enough to allow for this. All the defaults will be the current way so all they have to do is fill in the form that will appear when they select the template from the templates list on the left any field left blank will auto fill with the defaults that are hard coded in. I just based the table layout to the existing layout currently used. Like I said design not my forte I can replicate most designs but coming up with one that fits not so great.

      The portable hero box is an exact copy of the existing one with a new layout that is based of your card in your sandbox, as that was all I had at the time* I only knock this up yesterday so it is still in the very very early stages but I just want to show the different ways the boxes could be done. The galley would be hard coded I was just attempting to get the css right before I went to much further and I wanted some input in a direction to take it. The template I used was just a cut and paste from the existing data on the pages with a few other things thrown in to test other features.

      The templates oh boy did it take me awhile to figure them out the FRI I realise stands for Faction-Role-icon it puts either the faction or role with the name beside it. HG I have not quite got that but I think it is supposed to mean Hero Galley as that is the big picture on the hero pages. The HS is Hero Skill still attempting to decode that one but it puts the hero skills in the  hero page in a graphic table, see this hero page for an example

      There is another template I found late last night called Factions which I decided would work better as you can hide the link name next to the image.

      Everything would be hard coded and only a fill in the blanks would be needed. You seem to be looking at the latest trial but if you open the template to edit and change the faction name to abyss in the documentation part of the example you will see a more progressed format in design. The portable template once set up in design will not need to be looked at unless you need a new design. You give me a design layout and I pretty sure I can do it in the portable template. The portable templates are supposed to be mobile compatible or at least mobile friendly have yet to check the site with device yet, Oh and having these and setting up the mobile front page will make our site more read able if we can get it added to the fandom app.

      As for the design, Yes a tabber can be used outside the portable infobox but it would need to be a separate template. I put the tabber in the box as I thought I might be useful if we wanted to show the stats for a 10 star before the rework and the stats of the 10 star after the rework I just had the different rarities there as I cut and pasted the old infobox in as an example but those could be old stats and new stats or something else. The most updated info for the heroes would be the current tab and first tab the only reason I thought to do this was a few people like to compare what the hero was before and what it is now if we just update and delete the old data they are not sure what was changed in order to test out the new abilities and see what might be lost. A lot of people asked in reddit what the comparison was of the old and the new starlight. The is the same for the VIP I asked in the comments and it was suggested that having a historical recorded would be helpful to see how the game is changing.

      Yes the hero skins was more a image filler as I was thinking of doing hero portraits of the whole hero at the top and the icon showing down with the stats. Lists can be customised I have not worked on that yet as it is just the way it was done in the old hero-box but I was thinking of using that part as a navigation instead. See the wiki home page and the heros section to get an idea of the portraits i mean.

      The stat line break yes that is a bug bear I'm trying to work on in css at the moment I want it on one line as well and I know I can make the labels go over 2 columns or change the label width still working on it but yes it needs to be on the one line. Edit the temple change the Baade example faction to read abyss and you will see a design closer to your card(ignoring the frustrating formatting). I just realise you might also be talking about the horizontal stats and yes I was going to remove the padding to make it so it fit on the one line but I can force a new line if that's what you think would look better. I can also force it to be on one line but making the space a non breaking space instead.

      Anyway like I said I was using your card as a template in design look, everything would be hard coded except for the user input that would be required. Changing the faction would change the theme of the box. I can make any section of the box collapsible you just give me direction in what you want to see and I can mock up a design to show you. I only started this one last night and was hoping to get more done but RL interfered lol. I take direction and feed back well and this was just what I was looking for when I sent you the msg on reddit thanks.

      I posted a msg in the discussion board asking people what guidelines the community would like to see for the policies eg the naming conventions.

      To give you an idea of the template I was using for the portable infoboxes this is a site I used to edit on until they got much better editors with more experience than I at the time and I left them to it and the site took off. I will need to update the css though as our one will be a little bit more involved.

      Yes the skins should have their own tab and I can even prob adjust the hero infobox to allow it to be used for skins or do a skins one separately. If it is in the hero box all this mean is when on the hero page you dont fill in the skin part and it will not show on the skin page. You fill in the skin part and not the hero stats and they can be hidden and only the skin info will be seen hence the galley and tabs that can be used. Currently the Skins have a page on their own which we could turn into a category page with links to the hero page straight to the skin tab that will show all the info needed.

      Sorry this was longer than I intended if you made it this far thanks for reading my ramble.

      My sandbox in the predicted events section under the current events has the events that might be on tomorrow I will not be around til later, but will prob be able to update late afternoon so if you want to cut and paste it to the current events section feel free other wise I will do when I get back.

      Hope I answered everything I might of left a few things out but think I have caught you up. oh about the rights of the old admins once it is given it can not be taken away and I'm not sure we need to anyway. Some of the admins were on the reddit forum as I saw some old posts from them there when they come back if they come back as it has only been 5 months so far we can update them with what we have been doing might be a good idea to pop a msg on their wall letting them know we have stepped in in their absents to keep things going and to update the site. I hope they do come back as one of them was a graphic designer type and was good with getting all the images.

      ShiLyn (talk) 10:28, May 2, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Gah, Fandom swallowed my reply. Sorry! I'll can only leave a very short reply now but I'll get back to you on the other points in a couple of days.

      Okay, we can do away with the Sandbox/Shadow type of pages to allow better utilisation of category pages. It might be overkill anyway when you can compare through individual card pages.

      Sounds good. I'll leave it up to you whether you want the main stats in a single row (if it fits) or multiple. The only collapsible element would be on the extended stats, and you've gotten it right both times. We don't need to show old card versions because Wikia keeps page histories.

      Would the template using tabbers be like "if 5*, then show tabber with table and description" and so on for other rarities? If it's this way, skins should be integrated too.

      By the way, check out how clean this template is coded (used for character pages). Looks like if I'm learning portable infiboxes, better start from there.

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    • Just dropping by for a quick comment rn (I'm not totally gone - still monitoring around here for things that need instant fast fixes). I just banned a user for repeated vandalism to the Starlight page, and that's exactly the reason we need to hardcode a lot of things including hero names hardcoded from page names :/

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    • Egh, Fandom poofed my reply again. At least I learned to copy first before pressing "reply" this time...

      I'm back. I saw what you have in your new sandbox, and it looks amazing! Now just to wrap that all up inside a tabber. Two things I'd change is to remove the screenshot you put up top (I don't think we need that in there, or at least move it below or outside the infobox), and to move the role and faction info into a divider between the icon and stats. I don't particularly like that giant screenshot being up there, especially with all the little details that can't be seen anyway, and we're already putting in the stats and skills in text. I can try expanding my non-portable infobox template and see where that leads me to code, basing it off what we've discussed.

      For the FRI, HG, and HS templates, do you want to keep that in there? Also, have you figured out where it's pulling the data from? Imo, I'd want to do away with those if we can't figure that out. I personally don't like using templates in another template unless it's absolutely necessary. No need to complicate things when it's not needed.

      What do you think about card fusions, should they be integrated into the hero template too, or a separate template? We'll have doubled data in the Creation Circle page anyway, but this makes it easier for users to browse.

      What are you referring to by naming? If it's something mentioned in-game, we should stick strictly to it. And argh, Discussions is completely useless on my end. I can't see posts (it would get cut off partway and can't be expanded), and I can't post. I wish they could have stuck with forums, simpler and doesn't break my browser.

      Okay, we can keep the Navboxes. I actually like the second one (grouped by role and showing icons so we can see their top rarities). We just need a way to keep it neat because with the different name lengths it's rather impossible without some sort of table in it. If it was only text it would look fine being all asymmetrical, but with the icons, it feels glaring. Perhaps further separating the "role" rows into rarities? Not sure if that'll be overkill though. By the way, you can keep non-essential formatting to a minimum for now, we can always fancy it up later.

      I'll draft some events template to start you off. Probably will be in a simple table format which I like to keep things neat in.

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    • No problems as you can see with the recent events it is at times hard to set the rewards as they have been changing and adding to them but i can hard code them all as defaults so if left blank the defaults appear but that still leaves possible issues. We can monitor it and see.

      Not sure why i not see this the other day when i checked. 

      Will go over what you have mentioned and update the sandbox tommorrow this latest event had me tied up attempting to get it uploaded.

      Thanks for the reply

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    • Ok i figured out where it is pulling its data from and the idea is a good one as you only need to up date one thing and all the other information will update as well.

      {{HS}},{{HG}} are getting the information from a Template with heroes name eg {{Heart Watcher}} It takes the pagename and look for a template with the same name and then pulls in the infomation from that template.

      I have adjusted a copy of a template to have the same name as my sandbox to test this out and how effective it is. Using heart Watcher as the hero.

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    • A FANDOM user
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