• Hi, I just started editing and updating hero and item pages. I know the Chinese new year event has just finished but thought to upload the items used during this event as historical reference. As such I uploaded the image for the Blessing Bag but I forgot to correct the file name tried to replace the image but was unable to change file name so re-uploaded a new image with the correct file name (if you have better images please replace image). May you please delete this image I have provided the link above.

    Also I created a template for adding Abilities to hero pages feel free to edit as needed I used one of your complete heroes pages as a template before I noticed that Baade was a more filled out page.

    Update Note: Since found you did have an Abilities template but as i did not know what HS as a template name meant I did not see it until later. Following the instructions in the Hero-box template (as these are the only instructions i found in how the template works) I was still unable to get it to work for 3-star hero Chain Hammer. I need to know what the standard image naming convention needs to be for the template to work for the skills and i need to know what the field numbers are refering to. Are you able to help me with this? Once i can get it working i can remove my template and work on updating all 3-star heros to use the same template.

    As I have only been playing the game for 2 weeks now and only at lvl78 I decided to start with updating the 3 star hero pages using this list. Chain_Hammer is all I have done in adding the abilities so far, as I come across items on your TODO_list and have the information I will try to add to other pages as well.

    Have you thought about adding under Items in the menu (top bar nav) one for Currency - Standard(Gems, Gold, Dust etc.), Event Currency(Blessing Bags, Magic Lanterns,Silver Bell etc.) I went to have a look for all the available Currency in game and places to spend them in and was unable to find something (unless I missed it there are over 300 pages).

    Anyway this is a great wikia for an addictive game and one of the few helpful resources I use to enhance my gaming experience.

    Thanks Shi

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