• Any chance you co
    uld give me a few pointers on my lineup? 

    Norma, Iceblink, Michelle, Starlight, Ormus, Faceless

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    • Hi Eae,

      That's a pretty good lineup so far!

      I'd use them in that order: Norma, Faceless, Iceblink, Michelle, Starlight, Ormus :)

      Your Norma can tank pretty well for a 1st spot, she can heal back most of the dmg she receives, but with Michelle and Ormus behind her back, he can withstand even more. 1st spot is the tank, 2nd spot is the safe spot (usually damage dealers come here), 3rd spot is your secondary tank (when your spot1 tank dies, spot 2 will tank, and when your front line is dead, spot3 takes the tanking role) Hope it could help a little :)

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