This is a template for adding role symbols.

Warrior Mage Assassin Priest Ranger


Part Description
{{Role This is the initial part to start the template.
|Mage The first parameter is used to locate the image you need. Possible values: Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Priest, Ranger.
|tooltip The second parameter adds an tooltip, a text link or a plain text to your image. Possible values: tooltip, link, text. By default none of these options will be used. (optional)
|32px The third parameter defines the size of the icon. Default value is '28px'. (optional)
}} This closes the template, so it operates as intended.

Example usage

What you type What you get
{{Role|Mage|text}} Mage Mage
{{Role|Mage|link}} Mage Mage
{{Role|Mage}} Mage
{{Role|Mage||50px}} Mage

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