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Example usage

If only 1 hero came out, leave the following fields EMPTY
|2 or more? =
|heroname2 =
|herofaction2 =
|herorole2 =

Uploaded files should follow the naming pattern: Heroname-5-new.png so the template will find it by itself. This template has been update to allow for different naming pattern (Heroname-5-portrait.png). If file is named different than above then input new name that replaced the word 'new' eg portrait

|2 or more? = 
|heroname1 = |File1Name = <!--portrait or new-->
|herofaction1 =
|herorole1 =
|heroname2 = |File2Name = <!--portrait or new-->
|herofaction2 =
|herorole2 =
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