Not for sale
Acquired from:

Not available.

Forging price:

Not available.


Not available.

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Example usage

<!-- appears as white text next to item's icon (Type: 1 for Weapon, 2 for Armor, 3 for Shoes, 4 for Accessory) -->
| Type = 

<!-- appears as white text under the item's icon (+590 Attack/etc) -->
| Bonus = 

<!-- write "yes" if it can be sold. Leave it empty if it's "Not for sale" -->
| Can it be sold = 

<!-- How much can you sell 1 piece for? Leave it empty if it's "Not for sale"  -->
| Sell price = 

<!-- From where can you get this item? -->
| Acquired from = 

<!-- How much does it cost at the Blacksmith to forge? -->
| Forging price = 

<!-- Other infos (for ex. it appeared in the 2017 Easter event as a currency, etc...) -->
| More information = 

<!-- Name of the item set, something like 'Good War items' -->
| Item set name = 

<!-- Name of the item set's weapon (for ex. Staff of Prophecy) -->
| Item set weapon = 

<!-- Name of the item set's armor (for ex. Robe of Prophecy) -->
| Item set armor = 

<!-- Name of the item set's shoes (for ex. Shoes of Prophecy) -->
| Item set shoes = 

<!-- Name of the item set's accessory (for ex. Ring of Prophecy) -->
| Item set accessory = 

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