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28px [[]]

Example usage:

What you type What you get
 {{iconlink|Chaos Stone}} 
Chaos Stone Chaos Stone
 {{iconlink|Chaos Stone|s}} 
Chaos Stone Chaos Stones
 {{iconlink|Chaos Stone|s||16px}} 
Chaos Stone Chaos Stones


  • {{iconlink You can use the template by starting with this
  • |Chaos Stone used to locate the image you need and to create the link after the image. Only accepts values as they are displayed ingame!
  • |s this is the option to put s, es, or anything that would be needed in the context, but is not part of the ingame name of the item. If you don't need anything at the end, simply write only {{iconlink|Chaos Stone}}
  • |-icon.png this tag in the 3rd parameter will help the wiki find your image. If you leave this out, by deafult the wiki will attach -icon.png after your itemname. Try to always name your uploaded item icons like: Itemname-icon.png. You may use this parameter if you file extension is different from a png extension
  • |28px gives the size parameter to your icon (optional). Default value is 28px.
  • |no & ||no removes the link from the text (optional). Use |no if you HAVE used |s or |es, use ||no if you HAVEN'T used |s or |es.
  • }} closes the template, so it operates as intended.

Things you can use with Iconlink