This is a template for adding Reward items. It works similar to the Icon Template but offers some short hand names for some of the items. It can also be used for Event Costs (mainly shelter events).

Prophet OrbgoldHelmRed Artifact FragmentRed Exclusive Artifact FragmentLutz LutzKroos Kroos

Please note this template depends on the following templates in order to function correctly.
{{Icon}}, {{iconlink}}, {{heroiconlink}}, {{NumericSpace}}


Template and Parameters break down

Part Description
{{EventReward This is the initial part to start the template.
|orb The first parameter is used to locate the image you need. Possible values:

gems or Gems = gems
gold or Gold = gold
glory coin or Glory Coin = Glory Coin
Luck Coin = Luck_Coin
feather or Holy Relic = Glory Holy Relic
Dragon Scale=Dragon Scale
Soul Stone Shard=Soul Stone Shard
Prophet's Blessing=Prophet's Blessing

orb or Prophet Orb = Prophet Orb
coin = Wishing Coin
super coin or scoin = Super Wishing Coin
Super chip=Super Chip
Heroic Summon Scroll or Heroic Scroll or hscroll = Heroic Summon Scroll
Arena Ticket=Arena Ticket
challenge badge = Challenge_Badge

Gold Statue=Gold Statue
Ancient Statue =Ancient_Statue
Magic Stele = Magic_Stele
helm = Helm
Lucky Commemorative Coin = Lucky_Commemorative_Coin
Firecracker = Firecracker
Firework = Firework
Magic Lantern = Magic_Lantern
Sweetheart Chocolate = Sweetheart_Chocolate
Black Treasure Chest = Black_Treasure_Chest
Tiny Snowman = Tiny_Snowman
Surprise box = Surprise_box
Lucky Fish Bone = Lucky_Fish_Bone
Snow Doll = Snow_Doll
Golden Pumpkin = Golden_Pumpkin
Silver Bell = Silver_Bell
Lucky Clover = Lucky Clover

soul or Soul Symbol = Soul Symbol
magic dust or Magic Dust = Magic Dust
Guild Coin=Guild Coin
Hero Promotion Stone=Hero Promotion Stone
Chaos Stone=Chaos Stone
Monster Souls=Monster Souls
Stone of Void = Stone_of_Void

Universal skin shards = Universal_skin_shards
Basic Quest Scroll or bscroll or Basic Quest =Basic Quest Scroll
Senior Quest Scroll or sscrol or Senior Quest=Senior Quest Scroll
Basic Summon Scroll or bsscroll or Basic Scroll=Basic Summon Scroll
Heart = Heart

Heros or Artifacts
Enter Hero for either a specific hero or Hero shard.
Hero or hero = 5 Star Hero Shard
Enter Artifact for either a Specific Artifact for an Artifact Fragment.
artifact = Purple Artifact FragmentGolden Compass

|Golden Compass‎
The second parameter is only needed if reward is a Hero or Artifact.
Possible values: Are the in-game name of the Hero
Xia ,
or name of the Artifact
Golden Compass‎,

or If it is a shard
or If it is an EventCost
EventCost Note this is mainly for the Hero Cost required in shelter events.
Default value is blank. (optional)

or |Red
The third parameter is used if either hero or shard were entered as first and second parameter.

If it is a Hero Shard this will be the shard star number.
Possible values: 3, 4 or 5

If it is a Hero this will be the hero star number.
Possible values: 3, 4, 5,6,10

If it is an Artifact Shard this will be the colour.
Possible values: Purple, Green, Red, Orange
By default none of these options will be used. (optional)

or |Exclusive
The fourth parameter is only used if the second parameter equals shard.

If it is a Hero Shard this will be the hero fraction.
Possible values: Abyss, Fortress, Shadow, Forest, Dark, Light
Default value is blank. (optional)
If it is an Artifact Shard this will be either blank or have the word Exclusive. Possible values: Exclusive
Default value is blank. (optional)

or |Mage
The fifth parameter is only used if the first parameter equals hero AND the second parameter equals shard or EventCost.

This is mainly used in the shelter event to show the event cost.
Possible values: Assassin, Mage, Priest, Ranger, Warrior
Default value is blank. (optional)

}} This closes the template, so it operates as intended.

Example usage

What you type What you get
{{EventReward|orb}} Prophet Orb
{{EventReward|hero|Xia|5}} Xia Xia
{{EventReward|hero|Belrain|10}} Belrain Belrain
{{EventReward|hero|shard|3}} 3 Star Hero Shard
{{EventReward|hero|shard|4|Forest}} 4 Star Forest Hero Shard
{{EventReward|hero|shard|4|Fortress|Warrior}} 32px
{{EventReward|hero|EventCost|4|Fortress|Warrior}} 32px
{{EventReward|hero|shard|5|Shadow}} 5 Star Shadow Hero Shard
{{EventReward|artifact|Golden Compass}} Golden Compass Golden Compass
{{EventReward|artifact|shard|Red}} Red Artifact Fragment
{{EventReward|artifact|shard|Red|Exclusive}} Red Exclusive Artifact Fragment


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