Current Events
Enjoy the current weekly events. We hope you can catch the valuable rewards.

Example usage

This template works with a maximum of three events and 3 special events.

|event1 =
|event2 =
|event3 =

Possible event options

Option Description
Heroic Heroic Summon Event
Prophet Prophet Summon Event
Militants Militants Event
Casino Casino Event
Fusion Fusion Event
Miracle Heroic Miracle Event
Broken Broken Spaces Event
Exchange Hero Exchange Event
Shelter Shelter Mission Event
Treasure Treasure Chest Event
Wishing Wishing Fountain Event-icon.pngWishing Fountain Event
Loot Mysterious Chest Event-icon.pngCampaign Loot Event
Blacksmith Gray Dwarves' Blessing Event-icon.pngGray Dwarves' Blessing Event
More Use when there are more than 3 current events

Possible special event type options

|specialevent1 =
|specialevent2 =
|specialevent3 =
Option Description
New Year New Years Eve
Easter Easter Event
Christmas Christmas Event
Anniversary Anniversary Event
New Limited New Limited Event (for when a new limited(weekly) event is introduced for the first time)
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