Lists all artifacts and their associate image. Is used to display artifacts and can be used instead of the iconlink template. At the moment this is linked to the 6 star version of the artifact.


{{Artifact|<in-game name>|<size>|<text link>}}

{{Artifact|<Azrael>|<>|<1>}} = Azrael-iconAzrael = Azrael artifact with the default size and a text link.
{{Artifact|<Azrael>|<42px>}} = Azrael-icon = Azrael artifact with set size and no text link.

Examples of artifacts that can use this:

Orange Artifacts

Azrael-iconAzrael,Ancient God&#039;s Whisper-iconAncient God's Whisper, Eye of Hell-iconEye of Hell, Nail of Destiny-iconNail of Destiny, Fiend&#039;s Touch-iconFiend's Touch, Fearless Armor-iconFearless Armor, Heavenly Bead-iconHeavenly Bead, Magic Source-iconMagic Source, Kama&#039;s Eye-iconKama's-Eye, Aidan&#039;s Fury-iconAidan's Fury, The Golden Key-iconThe Golden Key, Engulf-iconEngulf, Queen&#039;s Blade-iconQueen's Blade, Rune&#039;s Power-iconRune's Power, Guilty Crown-iconGuilty Crown, Sword of Justice-iconSword of Justice, Spear of Destiny-iconSpear of Destiny, 32pxEternal Chapter,

Red Artifacts

Luna&#039;s Sorrow-iconLuna's Sorrow, Crying Undead-iconCrying Undead, Satan&#039;s Heart-iconSatan's Heart, Death Dance-iconDeath Dance, Traveler&#039;s Ring-iconTraveler's Ring, Light Shield-iconLight Shield The Black Sword-iconThe Black Sword Mirror Chain-iconMirror Chain, Talisman of Evasion-iconTalisman of Evasion Cursed Sandglass-iconCursed Sandglass Confined Spirit-iconConfined Spirit, Golden Compass-iconGolden Compass Magic Energy Armlet-iconMagic Energy Armlet, Flying Thor-iconFlying Thor, 32pxShadow Cape, Deep Eyes-iconDeep Eyes, Delusion-iconDelusion, Immerse-iconImmerse, Blood-iconBlood Elf&#039;s Blessed Bow-iconElf's Blessed Bow, Oak&#039;s Heart-iconOak's Heart, Emerald Butterfly-iconEmerald Butterfly Shadow Cloak-iconShadow Cloak, Angel&#039;s Pendant-iconAngel's Pendant,

Green Artifacts

Godly Favor-iconGodly Favor, Space Crack-iconSpace Crack, Bestowed Sword-iconBestowed Sword, Emperor&#039;s Ambition-iconEmperor's Ambition, Cross of Destiny-iconCross of Destiny, Executioner-iconExecutioner, Walker&#039;s Boots-iconWalker's Boots,

Purple Artifacts

32pxSnow Meaning 32pxChaos Stone 32pxHeaven Spine, 32pxScarlet Scar 32pxSpirit Locker

Yellow Artifacts

32pxShadow Prayer 32pxSage's Book 32pxElf's Whisper, 32pxDragon Jade, 32pxHellhound's Fang,

Blue Artifacts

32pxEvil Book, 32pxDemon Destroyer, 32pxDark Moon Sword, 32pxShadow Jade 32pxShadow Strike AfterglowAfterglow

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