Tavern displays quests that can be completed for different rewards.

The quests will reset daily or can be refreshed any time with (10 Gems-icon Gems*number of not locked quests).

The amount of quests available can be increased temporarily through Basic Quest Scroll-icon Basic Quest Scroll and Senior Quest Scroll-icon Senior Quest Scroll. It can be increased permanently through different tiers of VIP.

1★ and 2★ quests can be completed immediately for free.
Other quests can be completed immediately by spending Gems-icon Gems.

Locking a quest will "save" it from being auto refreshed the next day. by locking a quest you also lock 1 of you refreshes, so if your maximum is 5 quests, 1 locked, you will get 1 locked and 4 new quests the next day.

Another way to "save" quests is to complete the quest, but not redeem it, this will lock your heroes to the quest, but will grant you a new quest the next day. if you maximum is 5 quests, 1 completed, the next day will be 1 completed and 5 new quests.

Probability Possible rewards
1★ 25% 3-5 Gems-icon 1x Basic Summon Scroll-icon
2★ 28% 6-10 Gems-icon 2x Basic Summon Scroll-icon 5-10x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon
3★ 23% 15-30 Gems-icon 3x Basic Summon Scroll-icon 12-20x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon 1x Arena Ticket-icon
4★ 15% 40-59 Gems-icon 1x Heroic Summon Scroll-icon 4-8x 4 Star Hero Shard-icon 2x Arena Ticket-icon 1x Chip-icon
5★ 8% 80-98 Gems-icon 2x Heroic Summon Scroll-icon 10-19x 4 Star Hero Shard-icon 3x Arena Ticket-icon 2x Chip-icon
6★ 1.6% 121-180 Gems-icon 1x Prophet Orb-icon 3-5x 5 Star Hero Shard-icon 30-50x Prophet's Blessing-icon 30x Green Artifact Fragment-icon
7★ 0.4% 282-348 Gems-icon 2x Prophet Orb-icon 11-20x 5 Star Hero Shard-icon 80-100x Prophet's Blessing-icon 50x Red Artifact Fragment-icon
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