Tavern displays quests that can be completed for different rewards.

The quests will reset daily or can be refreshed any time with (10 Gems-icon Gems*number of not locked quests).

The amount of quests available can be increased temporarily through Basic Quest Scroll-icon Basic Quest Scroll and Senior Quest Scroll-icon Senior Quest Scroll. It can be increased permanently through different tiers of VIP.

Quests can be completed quicker by spending Gems-icon Gems though quests under 2 hours are free to complete immediately.

Probability Possible rewards
1★ 25% 3-5 Gems-icon 1x Basic Summon Scroll-icon
2★ 28% 6-10 Gems-icon 2x Basic Summon Scroll-icon 5-10x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon
3★ 23% 15-30 Gems-icon 3x Basic Summon Scroll-icon 12-20x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon 1x Arena Ticket-icon
4★ 15% 40-59 Gems-icon 1x Heroic Summon Scroll-icon 4-8x 4 Star Hero Shard-icon 2x Arena Ticket-icon 1x Chip-icon
5★ 8% 80-98 Gems-icon 2x Heroic Summon Scroll-icon 10-19x 4 Star Hero Shard-icon 3x Arena Ticket-icon 2x Chip-icon
6★ 1.6% 121-180 Gems-icon 1x Prophet Orb-icon 3-5x 5 Star Hero Shard-icon 30-50x Prophet's Blessing-icon 30x Green Artifact Fragment-icon
7★ 0.4% 298-348 Gems-icon 2x Prophet Orb-icon 11-20x 5 Star Hero Shard-icon 80-100x Prophet's Blessing-icon 50x Red Artifact Fragment-icon
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