IdleHeroes Wiki

The Tavern displays quests that can be completed for semi-random rewards. The tavern unlocks at Level 28, and any Heroes used to complete Tavern Quests can still be used as usual in other areas of the game.

Quests can be anywhere between 1★ - 7★'s in tier. Upon choosing a quest, you can manually choose the Heroes you want to assign to it, or the game can auto-assign heroes that meet the quest requirements. Quest requirements can be any combination of heroes from a certain faction, of a certain ★tier or of a certain class.

Higher tier quests have better rewards, but take longer to complete and have harder requirements to meet.

Once started you can wait for the quest to be completed or immediately finish 1★ and 2★ quests or pay Gems Gems to complete higher tier quests early. It is not recommended to pay Gems Gems as quests complete themselves automatically in the background, and the rewards are the same.

Quests reset daily, and quests that have not been started may be refreshed at a cost of 10 Gems Gems per quest. Refreshing low tier quests gives another opportunity to get higher tier quests which have better rewards. The amount of quests available can be increased temporarily through Basic Quest Scroll Basic Quest Scrolls and Senior Quest Scroll Senior Quest Scrolls. It can be increased permanently through different tiers of VIP.

Locking a quest will 'save' it from being auto refreshed the next day. By locking a quest you also lock 1 of your refreshes i.e. if your maximum is 5 quests but 1 is locked, you will get 4 new quests the next daily refresh and will still have the locked quest.

Another way to 'save' quests is to complete the quest, but not redeem it. This locks your heroes to the quest, but will grant you a new quest the next day i.e. if your maximum is 5 quests, but 1 is completed and not redeemed, on the next daily refresh you will get 5 new quests and keep the remaining un-redeemed one.

Tier Probability Possible rewards
1★ 25% 3-5x Gems 1x Basic Summon Scroll
2★ 27% 6-10x Gems 2x Basic Summon Scroll 5-10x 3 Star Hero Shard
3★ 23% 15-30x Gems 3x Basic Summon Scroll 12-20x 3 Star Hero Shard 1x Arena Ticket
4★ 15% 40-59x Gems 1x Heroic Summon Scroll 4-8x 4 Star Hero Shard 2x Arena Ticket 1x Wishing Coin
5★ 8% 80-100x Gems 2x Heroic Summon Scroll 10-19x 4 Star Hero Shard 3x Arena Ticket 2x Wishing Coin
6★ 1.6% 121-180x Gems 1x Prophet Orb 3-5x 5 Star Hero Shard 30-50x Prophet's Blessing 30x Green Artifact Fragment
7★ 0.4% 282-348x Gems 2x Prophet Orb 11-20x 5 Star Hero Shard 80-100x Prophet's Blessing 50x Red Artifact Fragment