Status Icons appear above a hero's health bar in a fight. Blue variants mean a buff (increase of stats), while red ones mean a debuff (decrease of stats).

Buffs Debuffs
Icon Description Icon Description
Attack+ Increased Attack by x% Attack- Reduced Attack by x%
Crit Chance+ Increased Crit Chance by x% Crit Chance- Reduced Crit Chance by x%
Crit Damage+ Increased Crit Damage by x% Crit Damage- Reduced Crit Damage by x%
Armor+ Increased Armor by x% Armor- Reduced Armor by x%
Armor Break+ Increased Armor Break by x% Armor Break- Reduced Armor Break by x%
Speed+ Increased Speed by X Speed- Reduced Speed by X
Hit+ Increased Precision by x% Hit- Reduced Precision by x%
Dodge+ Increased Block by x% Dodge- Reduced Block by x%
Skill Damage+ Increased Skill Damage by x% Skill Damage- Reduced Skill Damage by x%
Holy Damage+ Increased Holy Damage by x% Holy Damage- Reduced Holy Damage by x%
Reduced Damage+ Takes Reduced Damage by x%
Damage Over Time effects
Icon Description
Poison Suffers Poisoning damage for X rounds
Bleeding Suffers Bleeding damage for X rounds
Burn Suffers Burning damage for X rounds
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