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The Quest Window

Quests are a set of 10 tasks that reset daily. Completing all of them gives a reward of 100 gems, in addition to the individual rewards for each quest.

List of tasks

Task Amt Reward
Send out 5 hearts 1 Wishing Coin-icon Wishing Coin
Spin 2 times in Wishing Fountain 20 Gems-icon Gems
Forge 3 gear in Blacksmith 40K Gold-icon Gold
Complete 1 Basic Summon 21K Spirit-icon Spirit
Complete 1 Heroic Summon 21K Spirit-icon Spirit
Engage in 3 battles in Arena 2 Arena Ticket-icon Arena Tickets
Get rewards 5 times in Campaign 20 Gems-icon Gems
Win 2 battles in Event Raid 20 Gems-icon Gems
Use Hand of Midas 2 times to gain Gold 1 Wishing Coin-icon Wishing Coin
Complete 2 Tavern Quests 40K Gold-icon Gold
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