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The Prophet Tree unlocks at Level 25, although it is generally not used until later in the game. In return for one Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs, players can obtain 4★ or 5★ Hero Shards, or one 4★ or 5★ Hero per use, as well as a random amount of Prophet's Blessing Prophet's Blessing. These materials are very rare but can be acquired through events, Marketplace, Tavern quests or buying them in the in-game shop. The benefit of the Prophet Tree is that players can choose which faction they want to get rewards from so if they need a specific Hero, it can be much easier to obtain than through summoning scrolls.

Prophet's Gate[]

In Prophet's Gate, players can exchange Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs in order to summon 4★ and 5★ hero shards OR completed heroes. There is also a chance that you can get the 5 star versions of the 4 stars. Prophet Orbs have the highest chance per summon to generate 5★ Heroes and therefore you should always try to aim to get them if they appear in events or the Tavern. If you can afford it, one orb can be purchased per day 500 Gems Gems in the Marketplace.

To begin the player chooses which faction they wish their summon to be from; Abyss, Shadow, Fortress, Forest or Light/Dark. Each summon has a chance of summoning from the chosen faction a random amount of 4★ Hero Shards, a 4★ Hero, a random amount of 5★ Hero Shards or a 5★ Hero. Besides the high chance of a usable Hero or Shards, every summon also grants you a random amount of Prophet's Blessing Prophet's Blessing.

Drop Rate for Prophet's Gate
4★ Shards 4★ Hero 5★ Shards 5★ Hero
Abyss, Forest,

Shadow, Fortress

7.0% 60.0% 24.0% 9.0%
Light/Dark 40.0% 28.0% 28.0% 4.0%

Replace the hero[]

Replace the hero allows players to choose and replace one of their 4★ or 5★ Heroes (except for Light and Dark Heroes) with a random other same starred Hero in the same faction. This is essentially a re-roll feature which is extremely important for two reasons:

  • it allows you to re-roll low tier Heroes into higher tier Heroes, possibly getting some of the best Heroes in the game
  • when trying to fuse 5★ and 6★ Heroes, the fusion often require specific 'fodder' Heroes. Re-rolling can give tyou he chance to get these by replacing faction heroes you don't need.

Prophet's Blessing Prophet's Blessing can be obtained through using Prophet Orb Prophet Orbs in the Prophet's Gate, for 600 Gems Gems once per day in the Marketplace or from events.

Each 're-roll' costs 20 Prophet's Blessing Prophet's Blessing for 4-stars and 100 for 5-stars. and replacement Heroes will have the same rank and level as the Hero that was replaced. If you do not want the replacement Hero, you can cancel the process. but you will lose the Prophet's Blessing Prophet's Blessing used. If you choose to accept the new replacement the original Hero's level, tier, equipment, stone, and artifact will be transferred to the new hero. Also, you can't re-roll Dark/Light heroes.

Note: Locked Heroes and Heroes currently in the arena are unable to be replaced until they are unlocked or removed from the arena team.