Ability Breakdown

[ACTIVE] Blast Blade - Deals 152% attack damage to two back line enemies, dealing 54% more attack damage each round for 2 rounds.

[PASSIVE] Bleed II(III) - Each attack has a 50% chance to bleed the target, dealing 30%(42%) attack damage each round for 2 rounds.

[PASSIVE] Shadow Dance II(III) - Increases dodge by 25% and attack by 30%(40%).

[PASSIVE] Weakest of the Pack II(III) - Normal attacks target enemy with the lowest HP. (III deals 110% damage)


Mirage is a solid back line assassin hero. He runs on the side of more consistent, high damage mixed with survivability. What he lacks in the form of burst damage, he makes up for in consistency when compared to a faceless. The dodge and attack buff passive makes him flourish in battles where enemies attack him directly (non-AoE) and makes high-level gear scale beautifully. The combination of bleeds makes him stronger in longer fights, and his higher armor generally helps him outlast my faceless and Walter. He rounds out an assassin core well, often getting off one extra attack than the rest of my back line before they are worn down. Though lower burst potential than Faceless and Karim, and less damage in a raid than Walter, he makes a strong addition for his survivability and high native stats with excellent raw damage attack scaling.

Hero Categories: Pure Damage/Damage over Time/Sub-Par Off Tank

Notable Synergies: CC Teams that allow for the bleed to take effect. Paired with Walter he works well. A must have for fortress line-ups, paired with Miki, the dodge they both have can level entire teams.

Bring this Hero for/against: PvP, Tower, Raids. Shines in raids and against other control/outlast teams.

Bench this Hero for/against: Soft yet high burst damage teams. However, I think he is a good one to lock in across all fights unless he has a specific disadvantage (like facing high-powered Aleriea or Field)

Suggested Stone/Artifact Stats: Dodge and Attack % up or Crit, he could benefit from some crit.

- Written by Ehartmann55 from Reddit



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