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|image5 = {{PAGENAME}}-5-icon.png
|power5 = 6368
|power5 = 6368
|health5 = 18987
|health5 = 21835
|attack5 = 3008
|attack5 = 3008
|armor5 = 697
|armor5 = 697

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Ability Breakdown Edit

[ACTIVE] Ice Blade - Deals 120% damage against all enemies and has 25% chance to freeze them for 2 rounds.

[PASSIVE] Sword Guru II(III) - Increases armor pierce by 32% and attack by 30%(40%)

[PASSIVE] Paralyse II(III) - When attacked by enemy, reduces their attack by 13%(18%), lasting 3 rounds.

[PASSIVE] Freeze Control II(III) - Deals 60%(90%) more damage to frozen units.

Summary: Iceblink is without a doubt a hero that has a place in any line-up, even one that already has him. I have yet to see it, but two Iceblink's taking advantage of each other's Freeze Control would be a terrifying thing for the enemy team in end game battles come round 2.

He decides the outcome of a fight very early on. Coupled with high damage heroes that have the capability of taking advantage of Iceblink's incredible CC you have yourself a winning line-up. Even if the CC misses, he still deals an awful lot of damage for a hero with such high health pool and utility.

What comes to the attack sap of Paralyse, well, it's just too much considering how strong his kit already is. 18% attack sap at 8* combined with his other attributes makes Iceblink one of, if not the most useful heroes in the game.

Being ranger class, guild techs doesn't grant him as much damage as the two "dps classes", mage and assassins, but the dodge stats, albeit a bit random, has it's own strengths especially in PvP.

Overall Iceblink is best utilized as the back line off tank in many teams.

Hero Categories: Off tank/Tanky damage, Support

Notable Synergies: Freeze heroes - notably another Iceblink (Freeze Control passive), Squishy, high damage heroes (most advantage out of CC)

Bring this Hero for/against: PvP, Tower. He shines in any 6v6 battle because of the versatile kit.

Bench this Hero for/against: Raids and marauders, unless your team needs survivability from his attack sap.

Suggested Stone/Artifact Stats: HP as off tank, ATK for a more damage oriented build (if you have a dedicated back line tank already)

- Written by shitty-dick from Reddit

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