10★ heroes

10★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Aidan-10-icon Aidan Baade-10-icon Baade Blood Blade-10-icon Blood Blade Corpsedemon-10-icon Corpsedemon
Dominator-10-icon Dominator Field-10-icon Field Horus-10-icon Horus Jahra-10-icon Jahra
Kamath-10-icon Kamath Kharma-10-icon Kharma Lutz-10-icon Lutz Walter-10-icon Walter

10★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Bleecker-10-icon Bleecker Emily-10-icon Emily Flame Strike-10-icon Flame Strike Honor Guard-10-icon Honor Guard
Iceblink-10-icon Iceblink Miki-10-icon Miki Mirage-10-icon Mirage OD-01-10-icon OD-01
Ormus-10-icon Ormus Sigmund-10-icon Sigmund Valentino-10-icon Valentino Xia-10-icon Xia

10★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Barea-10-icon Barea Cthugha-10-icon Cthugha Dantalian-10-icon Dantalian Fat Mu-10-icon Fat Mu
Gusta-10-icon Gusta Karim-10-icon Karim King Barton-10-icon King Barton Kroos-10-icon Kroos
Lord Balrog-10-icon Lord Balrog Margaret-10-icon Margaret Queen-10-icon Queen Skerei-10-icon Skerei

10★ Forest Forest heroes
Demon Hunter-10-icon Demon Hunter Dragon Slayer-10-icon Dragon Slayer Eddga-10-icon Eddga Faceless-10-icon Faceless
Groo-10-icon Groo Heart Watcher-10-icon Heart Watcher Malassa-10-icon Malassa Rosa-10-icon Rosa
Starlight-10-icon Starlight Valkyrie-10-icon Valkyrie Vesa-10-icon Vesa

10★ Dark Dark heroes
Amuvor-10-icon Amuvor Aspen-10-icon Aspen Dark Arthindol-10-icon Dark Arthindol Das Moge-10-icon Das Moge
Mihm-10-icon Mihm Sleepless-10-icon Sleepless

10★ Light Light heroes
Aida-10-icon Aida Asmodel-10-icon Asmodel Belrain-10-icon Belrain Faith Blade-10-icon Faith Blade
Gerke-10-icon Gerke Michelle-10-icon Michelle

6★ heroes

6★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Aidan-6-icon Aidan Baade-6-icon Baade Blood Blade-6-icon Blood Blade Bonecarver-6-icon Bonecarver
Corpsedemon-6-icon Corpsedemon Deathsworn-6-icon Deathsworn Dominator-6-icon Dominator Field-6-icon Field
Glen-6-icon Glen 50px Horus Jahra-6-icon Jahra Kamath-6-icon Kamath
Kharma-6-icon Kharma Lutz-6-icon Lutz Walter-6-icon Walter

6★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Bleecker-6-icon Bleecker Emily-6-icon Emily Flame Strike-6-icon Flame Strike Honor Guard-6-icon Honor Guard
Iceblink-6-icon Iceblink Kristian-6-icon Kristian Miki-6-icon Miki Mirage-6-icon Mirage
OD-01-6-icon OD-01 Ormus-6-icon Ormus Roy-6-icon Roy Sierra-6-icon Sierra
Sigmund-6-icon Sigmund Valentino-6-icon Valentino Xia-6-icon Xia

6★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Aleria-6-icon Aleria Barea-6-icon Barea 50px Cthugha Dantalian-6-icon Dantalian
Destroyer-6-icon Destroyer Fat Mu-6-icon Fat Mu Gusta-6-icon Gusta Karim-6-icon Karim
King Barton-6-icon King Barton Kroos-6-icon Kroos Lord Balrog-6-icon Lord Balrog Margaret-6-icon Margaret
Norma-6-icon Norma Queen-6-icon Queen Skerei-6-icon Skerei

6★ Forest Forest heroes
Demon Hunter-6-icon Demon Hunter Dragon Slayer-6-icon Dragon Slayer Eddga-6-icon Eddga Faceless-6-icon Faceless
Groo-6-icon Groo Heart Watcher-6-icon Heart Watcher Malassa-6-icon Malassa Rosa-6-icon Rosa
Starlight-6-icon Starlight Thale-6-icon Thale The Grey-eyed-6-icon The Grey-eyed 50px Valkyrie
Vesa-6-icon Vesa

6★ Dark Dark heroes
Amuvor-6-icon Amuvor 50px Aspen Dark Arthindol-6-icon Dark Arthindol Dark Spirit-6-icon Dark Spirit
Das Moge-6-icon Das Moge 50px Mihm Sleepless-6-icon Sleepless

6★ Light Light heroes
50px Aida Asmodel-6-icon Asmodel 50px Belrain Divine Spirit-6-icon Divine Spirit
Faith Blade-6-icon Faith Blade Gerke-6-icon Gerke Michelle-6-icon Michelle

5★ heroes

5★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Aidan-5-icon Aidan Baade-5-icon Baade Blood Blade-5-icon Blood Blade Bone General-5-icon Bone General
Bonecarver-5-icon Bonecarver Corpsedemon-5-icon Corpsedemon Deathsworn-5-icon Deathsworn Dominator-5-icon Dominator
Field-5-icon Field Gbagbo-5-icon Gbagbo Glen-5-icon Glen Grumpy Corpse-5-icon Grumpy Corpse
Horus-5-icon Horus Jahra-5-icon Jahra Kamath-5-icon Kamath Kharma-5-icon Kharma
Lamb-5-icon Lamb Lutz-5-icon Lutz Nightmare Knight-5-icon Nightmare Knight Walter-5-icon Walter

5★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Bleecker-5-icon Bleecker Emily-5-icon Emily Flame Strike-5-icon Flame Strike Honor Guard-5-icon Honor Guard
Iceblink-5-icon Iceblink Iron Bambi-5-icon Iron Bambi Kristian-5-icon Kristian Liquor-5-icon Liquor
LM-02-5-icon LM-02 Miki-5-icon Miki Mirage-5-icon Mirage OD-01-5-icon OD-01
Ormus-5-icon Ormus Roy-5-icon Roy Sierra-5-icon Sierra Sigmund-5-icon Sigmund
Storm Hudde-5-icon Storm Hudde Time Mage-5-icon Time Mage Valentino-5-icon Valentino Xia-5-icon Xia

5★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Akasha-5-icon Akasha Aleria-5-icon Aleria Barea-5-icon Barea Cthugha-5-icon Cthugha
Dantalian-5-icon Dantalian Destroyer-5-icon Destroyer Fat Mu-5-icon Fat Mu Gusta-5-icon Gusta
Immolatus-5-icon Immolatus Karim-5-icon Karim King Barton-5-icon King Barton Kroos-5-icon Kroos
Lemegeton-5-icon Lemegeton Lord Balrog-5-icon Lord Balrog Margaret-5-icon Margaret Norma-5-icon Norma
Queen-5-icon Queen Rogge-5-icon Rogge Skerei-5-icon Skerei Tanner-5-icon Tanner

5★ Forest Forest heroes
Chief-5-icon Chief Demon Hunter-5-icon Demon Hunter Dragon Slayer-5-icon Dragon Slayer Eddga-5-icon Eddga
Ent Elder-5-icon Ent Elder Faceless-5-icon Faceless Groo-5-icon Groo Headstriker-5-icon Headstriker
Heart Watcher-5-icon Heart Watcher Kargath-5-icon Kargath Malassa-5-icon Malassa Rosa-5-icon Rosa
Starlight-5-icon Starlight Thale-5-icon Thale The Grey-eyed-5-icon The Grey-eyed Valkyrie-5-icon Valkyrie
Vesa-5-icon Vesa Wind Walker-5-icon Wind Walker Zekkis-5-icon Zekkis

5★ Dark Dark heroes
Amuvor-5-icon Amuvor Aspen-5-icon Aspen Dark Arthindol-5-icon Dark Arthindol Dark Spirit-5-icon Dark Spirit
Darkness Fanella-5-icon Darkness Fanella Das Moge-5-icon Das Moge Logan-5-icon Logan Mihm-5-icon Mihm
Sleepless-5-icon Sleepless

5★ Light Light heroes
Aida-5-icon Aida Asmodel-5-icon Asmodel Belrain-5-icon Belrain Disciple-5-icon Disciple
Divine Spirit-5-icon Divine Spirit Faith Blade-5-icon Faith Blade Fegan-5-icon Fegan Gerke-5-icon Gerke
Michelle-5-icon Michelle

4★ heroes

4★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Bone General-4-icon Bone General Bonecarver-4-icon Bonecarver Deathsworn-4-icon Deathsworn Gbagbo-4-icon Gbagbo
Glen-4-icon Glen Grumpy Corpse-4-icon Grumpy Corpse Lamb-4-icon Lamb Nightmare Knight-4-icon Nightmare Knight

4★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Iron Bambi-4-icon Iron Bambi Kristian-4-icon Kristian Liquor-4-icon Liquor LM-02-4-icon LM-02
Roy-4-icon Roy Sierra-4-icon Sierra Storm Hudde-4-icon Storm Hudde Time Mage-4-icon Time Mage

4★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Akasha-4-icon Akasha Aleria-4-icon Aleria Destroyer-4-icon Destroyer Immolatus-4-icon Immolatus
Lemegeton-4-icon Lemegeton Norma-4-icon Norma Rogge-4-icon Rogge Tanner-4-icon Tanner

4★ Forest Forest heroes
Chief-4-icon Chief Ent Elder-4-icon Ent Elder Headstriker-4-icon Headstriker Kargath-4-icon Kargath
Thale-4-icon Thale The Grey-eyed-4-icon The Grey-eyed Wind Walker-4-icon Wind Walker Zekkis-4-icon Zekkis

4★ Dark Dark heroes
Dark Spirit-4-icon Dark Spirit Darkness Fanella-4-icon Darkness Fanella Logan-4-icon Logan

4★ Light Light heroes
Disciple-4-icon Disciple Divine Spirit-4-icon Divine Spirit Fegan-4-icon Fegan

3★ heroes

3★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Chain Hammer-3-icon Chain Hammer Dark Priest-3-icon Dark Priest Ice Troll-3-icon Ice Troll Poison Tongue-3-icon Poison Tongue
Shirley-3-icon Shirley

3★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Carver-3-icon Carver Fire Fist-3-icon Fire Fist MK-03-3-icon MK-03 Reggie-3-icon Reggie
Tara's Servant-3-icon Tara's Servant

3★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Abyss Guard-3-icon Abyss Guard Flaming Lips-3-icon Flaming Lips Mirko-3-icon Mirko Succube-3-icon Succube
Wild Beast-3-icon Wild Beast

3★ Forest Forest heroes
Blue Shaman-3-icon Blue Shaman Forests Captain-3-icon Forests Captain Frey-3-icon Frey Sybil-3-icon Sybil
Undomiel-3-icon Undomiel

3★ Dark Dark heroes
Ghost of Aspen-3-icon Ghost of Aspen

3★ Light Light heroes
Holy Kid-3-icon Holy Kid

2★ heroes

2★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Bone Archer-2-icon Bone Archer Bone Warrior-2-icon Bone Warrior Charlotte-2-icon Charlotte Markina-2-icon Markina

2★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Dungeon Guard-2-icon Dungeon Guard The Gray-2-icon The Gery Tower Guard-2-icon Tower Guard ZH-07-2-icon ZH-07

2★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Blackstone-2-icon Blackstone Golden Horn-2-icon Golden Horn Johnson-2-icon Johnson Silver Horn-2-icon Silver Horn

2★ Forest Forest heroes
Blue Warrior-2-icon Blue Warrior Dryad-2-icon Dryad Ent-2-icon Ent Lavine-2-icon Lavine

1★ heroes

1★ Shadow Shadow heroes
Dark Christian-1-icon Dark Christian Foolish-1-icon Foolish Luminous Body-1-icon Luminous Body

1★ Fortress Fortress heroes
Honest Man-1-icon Honest Man Old Miner-1-icon Old Miner Woodcutter-1-icon Woodcutter

1★ Abyss Abyss heroes
Imp-1-icon Imp Lava Beetle-1-icon Lava Beetle Son of Flame-1-icon Son of Flame

1★ Forest Forest heroes
Bella-1-icon Bella Sailor-1-icon Sailor Scout-1-icon Scout

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