Upon your guild reaching level 8 the Mill will be unlocked.


The best way to get Guild Coin-icon Guild Coin, is by using orders. The number of orders available depends on level of the guild mill. Orders can be upgraded to give more rewards, up to a maximum of 6 stars. Upgrading an order costs Gems-icon Gems. You can get new orders every 12 hours, regardles if you already completed the available orders.

Stars Time Base reward Upgrade cost to next star
1 10hrs 150K Gold-icon, 65x Guild Coin-icon 10x Gems-icon
2 10hrs 180K Gold-icon, 70x Guild Coin-icon 20x Gems-icon
3 11hrs 220K Gold-icon, 80x Guild Coin-icon 30x Gems-icon
4 11hrs 260K Gold-icon, 100x Guild Coin-icon 60x Gems-icon
5 12hrs 300K Gold-icon, 130x Guild Coin-icon 100x Gems-icon
6 12hrs 350K Gold-icon, 180x Guild Coin-icon -

Upgrade Mill

You and your guild mates will donate Gold-icon Gold to upgrade the Mill giving you more Gold-icon Gold and Guild Coin-icon Guild Coins per Order. As of Patch Android 1.11.7 / iOS 1.9.9 the maximum level of the Mill is increased from 6 to 10.

Level Upgrade cost Order Yield # of orders
1 - +0% 1
2 12M Gold-icon +??% 1
3 24M Gold-icon +20% 2
4 48M Gold-icon +30% 2
5 96M Gold-icon +??% 3
6 96M Gold-icon +50% 3
7 144M Gold-icon +50% 3
8 216M Gold-icon +55% 4
9 324M Gold-icon +55% 4
10 486M Gold-icon +60% ?
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