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Upon your guild reaching level 8 the Mill will be unlocked.


The best way to get Guild Coin Guild Coin, is by using orders. The number of orders available depends on level of the guild mill. Orders can be upgraded to give more rewards, up to a maximum of 6 stars. Upgrading an order costs Gems Gems. You can get new orders every 12 hours, regardles if you already completed the available orders.

Stars Time Base reward Upgrade cost to next star
1 10hrs 200K Gold, 90x Guild Coin 10x Gems
2 10hrs 250K Gold, 110x Guild Coin 20x Gems
3 11hrs 300K Gold, 140x Guild Coin 30x Gems
4 11hrs 350K Gold, 170x Guild Coin 60x Gems
5 12hrs 400K Gold, 220x Guild Coin 100x Gems
6 12hrs 500K Gold, 280x Guild Coin -

Upgrade Mill

You and your guild mates will donate Gold Gold to upgrade the Mill giving you more Gold Gold and Guild Coin Guild Coins per Order. As of Patch Android 1.11.7 / iOS 1.9.9 the maximum level of the Mill is increased from 6.

Level Upgrade cost Order Yield # of orders
1 - +0% ?
2 12M Gold +10% ?
3 24M Gold +20% ?
4 48M Gold +30% ?
5 96M Gold +40% 3
6 96M Gold +50% 3
7 144M Gold +60% 4
8 216M Gold +70% 4
9 324M Gold +80% 5
10 486M Gold +90% 5