Gems are one of the main resources in the game, used to purchase many items in the game.

Earning gems

There are several ways to earn gems without purchasing them.


Daily quests

You can gain up to 160 gems every day through completing all daily quests.


Another 100 gems can be earned through watching 5 advertisements of about 30 seconds each.

Tavern quests

Main article: Tavern
The tavern can easily be one of the largest sources of gems later in the game, where a single 7-Star quest can give up to 400 gems. Requirements for these quests can be demanding, so it may not be a feasible source of gems for newer players.


These methods allow a one-time bonus of gems.

Leveling up

With each level up, a number of gems are given to the player - usually 10 to 20.

Login bonus

Main article: Events#Login_bonus
New players start off with a 30-day calendar with daily rewards added to the 'Events' tab. Over the 30-day calendar, new players can get a total of 3100 gems through this.

This is a one-time 'Event', and does not repeat when over.


The final method for acquiring gems is purchasing through in-game transactions. The typical dollar-to-gem rate is 1USD to 50 gems, except in the case of the Monthly Cards, where gems are spread over 30 days.

Spending gems

Gems are used in several places, including the Marketplace, when upgrading Stones, and in purchasing Casino Chips and Arena Tickets from the Casino and Arena respectively.

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