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Elite 5 Star Hero Shard
Elite 5 Star Hero Shard-icon.png
Summon Hero
Collect 50 shards to summon a 5★ non Dark and Light Faction Elite hero.
Not for sale
Acquired from:

Events, Seal Land shop

Purchase price:

6000 28px Four-Color Crystal for 50 shards in Seal Land shop,
120 28px Four-Color Crystal for 1 shard in Seal Land shop

Can be used:

To summon the following Elite 5★ heroes.
kamathskereiHeart WatcherkroosvalentinojahravalkyriexiacthughahorusstarlightbaadeoberonBlood BladecorpsedemonemilysigmundbareaKing BartonkarimDemon HuntervesaaidanwalterormusFlame StrikeIceblinkqueenrosagroo


Not available.