Daily Quests reset at midnight every day. There are 11 daily quests including 1 to complete the other 10.

Daily Quests

List of Daily Quests
Quest Reward Comment
Complete all the daily quests 100 Gems
Use Hand Of Midas 2 times to gain Gold 1x Casino Chip Hand of Midas refreshes every 8hrs
Send out 5 Hearts 1x Casino Chip
Spin 2 times in Casino 20 Gems If you do the first 2 quests, you should get 2 casino chips every day to complete this one
Complete 2 Tavern Quests 47k/67k Gold
Forge 3 gear in Blacksmith 47k/67k Gold
Complete 1 Basic Summon 25k/37k Spirit Basic Summon resets every 8hrs
Complete 1 Heroic Summon 25k/37k Spirit Heroic Summon resets every 48hrs. It's advised not to use Heroic Summon Scrolls on days when you don't get a Free summon. You lose 50 Gems of value when you do so. This way you can also stockpile them for events.
Engage in 3 battles in Arena 2x Arena Ticket First 2 arena battles are free and the 3rd costs 1 Arena Ticket, so you gain 1 extra arena ticket whenever you complete this
Get rewards 5 times in Campaign 20 Gems Clicking on the green 'Get' button 5 times.
Win 2 battles in Event Raid 20 Gems
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