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The Creation Circle is used to create 5-star and 6-star heroes by fusing weaker heroes together. All 3-star heroes are used in a 5-star hero fusing. Only the level of the first hero is important as the fused hero will come out with the same level and equipment as it. Any promotion stones and spirit used to upgrade the other heroes will be returned, although the gold spent will be lost.

To fuse 5 star heroes, you will need four of the 4 star version of the hero, four specified 3 star hero of the same faction and four 4 star heroes from the same faction.

For 6 star heroes, you will need two of the 5 star version of the hero, a specified 5 star hero from that faction and three 5 star heroes from the same faction.

All 4 star heroes can be fused into 5 star versions, all heroes that have a 5 star version but not a 4 star version can be fused into 6 star heroes, but only some heroes that have a 4 star version can be fused into 6 star versions.

Shadow.png Shadow Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Bone General Bone General Chain Hammer Chain Hammer 4x any 4★ Shadow Hero
Bonecarver Bonecarver Shirley Shirley
Deathsworn Deathsworn Shirley Shirley
Gbagbo Gbagbo Poison Tongue Poison Tongue
Glen Glen Dark Priest Dark Priest
Grumpy Corpse Grumpy Corpse Ice Troll Ice Troll
Lamb Lamb Chain Hammer Chain Hammer
Nightmare Knight Nightmare Knight Ice Troll Ice Troll
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Aidan Aidan Deathsworn Deathsworn 3x any 5★ Shadow Hero
Baade Baade Nightmare Knight Nightmare Knight
Blood Blade Blood Blade Bonecarver Bonecarver
Bonecarver Bonecarver Gbagbo Gbagbo
Corpsedemon Corpsedemon Grumpy Corpse Grumpy Corpse
Deathsworn Deathsworn Glen Glen
Dominator Dominator Bone General Bone General
Field Field Lamb Lamb
Glen Glen Deathsworn Deathsworn
Kamath Kamath Grumpy Corpse Grumpy Corpse
Kharma Kharma Glen Glen
Lutz Lutz Gbagbo Gbagbo
Walter Walter Bonecarver Bonecarver

Fortress.png Fortress Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Iron Bambi Iron Bambi Fire Fist Fire Fist 4x any 4★ Fortress Hero
Kristian Kristian Carver Carver
Liquor Liquor Tara's Servant Tara's Servant
LM-02 LM-02 MK-03 MK-03
Roy Roy Carver Carver
Sierra Sierra Reggie Reggie
Storm Hudde Storm Hudde Fire Fist Fire Fist
Time Mage Time Mage Reggie Reggie
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Bleecker Bleecker Liquor Liquor 3x any 5★ Fortress Hero
Emily Emily Time Mage Time Mage
Flame Strike Flame Strike Sierra Sierra
Honor Guard Honor Guard Storm Hudde Storm Hudde
Iceblink Iceblink Kristian Kristian
Kristian Kristian Iron Bambi Iron Bambi
Miki Miki Roy Roy
Mirage Mirage Roy Roy
OD-01 OD-01 LM-02 LM-02
Ormus Ormus Time Mage Time Mage
Roy Roy Liquor Liquor
Sierra Sierra Kristian Kristian
Sigmund Sigmund Iron Bambi Iron Bambi

Abyss.png Abyss Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Akasha Akasha Succube Succube 4x any 4★ Abyss Hero
Aleria Aleria Mirko Mirko
Destroyer Destroyer Wild Beast Wild Beast
Immolatus Immolatus Flaming Lips Flaming Lips
Lemegeton Lemegeton Flaming Lips Flaming Lips
Norma Norma Mirko Mirko
Rogge Rogge Wild Beast Wild Beast
Tanner Tanner Abyss Guard Abyss Guard
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Aleria Aleria Norma Norma 3x any 5★ Abyss Hero
Barea Barea Rogge Rogge
Dantalian Dantalian Lemegeton Lemegeton
Destroyer Destroyer Akasha Akasha
Fat Mu Fat Mu Tanner Tanner
Gusta Gusta Tanner Tanner
Karim Karim Aleria Aleria
Lord Balrog Lord Balrog Lemegeton Lemegeton
Margaret Margaret Norma Norma
Norma Norma Aleria Aleria
Queen Queen Akasha Akasha
Skerei Skerei Destroyer Destroyer

Forest.png Forest Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Chief Chief Blue Shaman Blue Shaman 4x any 4★ Forest Hero
Ent Elder Ent Elder Frey Frey
Headstriker Headstriker Undomiel Undomiel
Kargath Kargath Undomiel Undomiel
Thale Thale Forests Captain Forests Captain
The Grey-eyed The Grey-eyed Frey Frey
Wind Walker Wind Walker Sybil Sybil
Zekkis Zekkis Blue Shaman Blue Shaman
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Wind Walker Wind Walker 3x any 5★ Forest Hero
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer Kargath Kargath
Eddga Eddga Chief Chief
Faceless Faceless Headstriker Headstriker
Groo Groo Ent Elder Ent Elder
Malassa Malassa Kargath Kargath
Rosa Rosa Zekkis Zekkis
Starlight Starlight Thale Thale
Thale Thale Zekkis Zekkis
The Grey-eyed The Grey-eyed Headstriker Headstriker
Vesa Vesa Thale Thale
Zekkis Zekkis Thale Thale

Dark.png Dark Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Dark Spirit Dark Spirit Ghost of Aspen Ghost of Aspen 4x any 4★ Dark Hero
Darkness Fanella Darkness Fanella Ghost of Aspen Ghost of Aspen
Logan Logan Ghost of Aspen Ghost of Aspen
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Amuvor Amuvor Darkness Fanella Darkness Fanella 3x any 5★ Dark Hero
Dark Arthindol Dark Arthindol Darkness Fanella Darkness Fanella
Dark Spirit Dark Spirit Darkness Fanella Darkness Fanella
Das Moge Das Moge Dark Spirit Dark Spirit
Sleepless Sleepless Logan Logan

Light.png Light Heroes

5★ Hero 3★ Hero Fodder
Disciple Disciple Holy Kid Holy Kid 4x any 4★ Light Hero
Divine Spirit Divine Spirit Holy Kid Holy Kid
Fegan Fegan Holy Kid Holy Kid
6★ Hero 5★ Hero Fodder
Asmodel Asmodel Fegan Fegan 3x any 5★ Light Hero
Divine Spirit Divine Spirit Disciple Disciple
Faith Blade Faith Blade Fegan Fegan
Gerke Gerke Disciple Disciple
Michelle Michelle Disciple Disciple