This is just a beginner’s guide / list / help / shout out to those of you who are new and are looking for a few points to get going. There will be no direct guides or telling you how to play YOUR game, this is just my way of giving out some information.

(0.) VIP

If you are a Free player, skip this, if you don’t mind spending a tiny amount on it, I’d suggest getting VIP 3 and just stop it there. This unlocks 10 rolls in the casino for 8 coins, as well as heroic summon where you after 100 summons are guaranteed a 5★ hero. This is just bonus rewards besides the increased gold, experience, dust rate and some other niche things.

1. Save

Save all your 3★ and 4★ Heroes in the beginning, especially Aleria, she is a great beginner mage and is easy to 5★ early on as you get her from daily log in, and early on in Tower of Oblivion. When you start the game connect it to an email account because you will get 5★ Norma. You want to rank her up first. Then rank up your best 4★ or 5★. Do not rank up 3★ as much if you have a 4★ becuase you will not use them after the first few levels. At the same time, as soon as you reach level 21, Join a guild! As one of the heroes you are able to buy from the guild shop is Faceless. A 5★ hero, that is also buyable from the sacrificial altar. This is for most of us the very first 6★ hero you will ever get.

2. Collect everything

Do the Daily Quests! collect Hero shards 3★, 4★. Get 30 friends so you can start getting Hearts - At the Marketplace spend your Gold to buy 4★ Heroes, tavern scrolls, casino chip and basic summoning scrolls. Heroes tend to be expensive and not much worth unless you are missing one specific hero to make a fusion. If you have gems prioritize buying heroic scrolls and casino chips, as gems are also needed for upgrading bag space for heroes. So, constantly try to raise your space, try to balance between chips, scrolls and buying space. Other currency like: Dragon scales, glory coin, soul stone shards and stone, Save these for a time where you need the specific rewards.

You can watch an ad with the "Free Gems" button in order to gain 20 gems. You can do this 5 times (gaining 100 gems a day)

3. Get friends

Get 30 friends on your list as fast as possible, you are able to trade Hearts with your friends daily, maxing out at 30 hearts each day. Hearts are used for summons in the circle and awards heroes from 2★-5★. personally I have gotten 2 5★ out of the friend summons so far. Besides hearts you will notice some of your friends will have a skull next to the send and receive hearts icons, those are called Marauders. It's a boss summoned by scouting, attack the Marauders for instant rewards, and every Sunday for additional rewards based on how much damage you have dealt. It's a great and free source of both diamonds, gold and additional hearts used to summon heroes.

4. Faction Auras

Depending on your team make up, it can provide addition bonuses that doesn't add power to your Power Score but can give you the edge of players that do. Don't go for the 6-of-the-same Auras as it sets you back on progressing and building a strong team. Only go for Faction Auras if it does not force you to use a lower star hero.

5. Game events

See Events for a detailed guide.

Game events are cycling week after week, some of them are new, but we know that there are specific events that we use items that we collect day by day. It is in these event that we will use them to get greater rewards.

Summon event

You just summon heroes with Heroic Summon Scroll-icon Heroic Summon Scrolls and get specific summon prizes. Our suggestion is, if you don’t have enough scrolls to get the top reward don’t bother to summon. Just collect Heroic Summon Scroll-icon Heroic Summon Scrolls till the next summoner event. if you lack space sacrifice the lowest heroes from your inventory to make space for higher ones.

Fusion event

Fuse heroes and get Gold-icon Gold, Magic Dust-icon Magic Dust, Monster Souls-icon Monster Souls, Chaos Stone-icon Chaos Stones and Super Chip-icon Super Chips as a reward. These items are very valuable, so use your collected Basic Summon Scroll-icon Basic Summon Scrolls, Heart-icon Hearts, Dragon Scale-icon Dragon Scales, Glory Coin-icon Glory Coins and Hero Shards ( 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 4 Star Hero Shard-icon, 5 Star Hero Shard-icon ) to summon heroes and fuse them as much as you can. It is advised to always wait for the next fusion even if you can fuse something, since the rewards are pretty neat.

Tavern Event

Rewards for completing a specific amount of Tavern quests. For example, complete 12 mission that is 4★ quest and 10 5★ quest, which will grant you Heroic Summon Scroll-icon Heroic Summon Scrolls, Chip-icon Chips and Prophet Orb-icon Prophet Orbs. The top reward also includes 50x 5 Star Hero Shard-icon 5 Star Hero Shard.

Casino event

This event is probably the easiest, complete numerous of drawing to get prizes, use your collected Chip-icon Chips to get prizes, do not waste your casino rolls, but prepare for the next event, it will return with great rewards.

Militants / Arena event

This event consist of winning hundreds of battles using Arena Ticket-icon Arena Tickets, Usually 400 or 500. Battles won in the Crystal Crown League and Guild Mill worth 1 win, whileas battles won in Trial Of The Champion worth 2 wins.