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Ability Breakdown

[ACTIVE] Nether Strike – Attacks the weakest enemy for 207% of Baade’s ATK, and reduces the target’s ATK by 27% for two rounds. Can’t be dodged.

[PASSIVE] Will of Undead – Upon unlock, increases Baade’s HP by 30% and Hit by 20%.

[PASSIVE] Death Threat – Each of Baade’s attacks increases his Armor and Armor Pierce by 11.2%.

[PASSIVE] Blood Armor – When Baade’s HP drops below 50%, his Armor is increased by 19.2% for three rounds.

Summary: Baade is a polarizing hero in this community—if you ask two different people their thoughts on inserting him into your lineup, you’ll likely get two very different answers. His stats put him somewhere in between a tank and an assassin, but he doesn’t do either as well as his pure counterparts. However, he can still bring utility to the table. Baade fits into the category of heroes that thrive in fights that go into double-digit rounds, with Death Threat increasing his Armor and Armor Pierce for each successfully landed attack. If you can keep him alive in a fight, he becomes harder and harder to bring down, while simultaneously making one or more enemies weaker with his Nether Strike. With recent buffs, Baade’s stats have made him much more comparable to other Warrior heroes.

Hero Categories: Tank, Offtank, Debuffer

Notable Synergies: Karim (ATK reduction), Aleria (ATK reduction), Starlight (Armor Pierce reduction), Groo (Armor/Crit reduction), Rosa (ATK/Armor reduction)

Bring this Hero for/against: Dodge Heroes, since his Nether Strike can’t be dodged; Long fights where his Death Threat can stack repeatedly

Bench this Hero for/against: Short fights, since his damage potential and survivability is reliant on building Death Threat stacks

Suggested Stone/Artifact Stats: HP, ATK

- Written by Distrails from Reddit