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• 4/19/2018

Aspen Dungeon Tips

I'm trying to figure out a strategy for the Aspen Dungeon. I have a few 5 star lvl 100's. Currently, I'm using Norma until she starts losing health and I get some Milk, then I switch to Sigmund until he dies but after that I just get owned. Any thoughts?
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• 2/8/2019

My first thought would be: Upgrade some heroes to 6-stars.

It's not hard. Just decide in advance what 6-star hero you want, then check to see what 5-star and 4-star heroes you need to build it. Norma is an easy one. To get her to 6-stars, you need 2 x 5-star Normas and 1 5 star Aleria and some other random 5-star chaff. Save the appropriate 3-star heroes to help you build the 4-star heroes. Save them and build the 5-star heroes. Then put them all together to build a 6-star hero.

Sorry if that sounds complex, but it really isn't.

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