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I didn't spend money in this game
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• 2/23/2018

Servers ??

I have a question concerning the different servers.

I am actually on S185. If I want to go on another server, say S261, will my account on S185 be supress, or would I have 2 account to play ?

Thank for your answer !
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• 3/10/2018
You’ll have 2 different accounts that you can just switch between. When you go to switch servers, it will say something like “would you like to start over on this server?” But it won’t start you over, you’ll start from where you were at
• 6/24/2018
Lúc truớc mik có chơi game.vào ngay 25/5/2017 bay h choi lại thì quá nhìu sever. Có thể giúp mìk định vị 1 mốc sever để mìk tìm k ạ
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