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I didn't spend money in this game
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• 2/13/2018

Would appreciate some help here. #stuck🙁

This is my inventory. Recently Ive been pretty lucky with my draws and gotten some strong heroes. Problem is i cant seem to balance and build a good lineup.

I would really appreciate some pointers. Right now im using corpsedemon as tank, field, Michelle, ormus, starlight.

Im lvl86 stuck at 8-20 and tower of oblivion 158.

Throw me a bone here😜
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• 2/21/2018
If I were you, I'd tank with Corpse and Groo and then your backline should consist of Michelle, Ormus, Field, and probably Blinker or Starlight. Corpse, Michelle, Ormus, and Groo are what you should focus on 6*'ing. Field wouldn't be a bad option either.
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