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I didn't spend money in this game
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• 1/12/2018

Could use some advice on how I should advance my line up

My current lineup is (in this order). Corpsedemon, Dragon Slayer, Queen, Iceblink, Ormus, Walter

Who should I build up, replace, work towards, etc.?

I also have a few 5* heroes not in the picture. (Groo, demon Hunter, dantalian, Miki, 2 x Lutz, and Emily

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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• 2/11/2018
I would upgrade DA next as much as you can. She is a terror at 10*
• 2/21/2018
I agree with the 10* Dark Arthindol comment, but that may take a while. I'd upgrade your Ormus over your Queen to 9*, and also try and 10* Iceblink. I myself am going to use Demon Hunter in my end game lineup so there is that option to focus on as well.
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