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I didn't spend money in this game
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Sander 128
• 9/4/2017

Best way to spend gems as F2P?

I'm lv 82 and VIP 0, already have my 5* formation and one 6*, now I'm with 3600 gems, but dont know how/where to use it.

Best way seems Aspen Dungeon , but it just open every 4 days, and Tavern
I also buy heroic scrolls on market.

Any tips?
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Sander 128
• 9/9/2017
Usually the best way to spend gems are Heroic Summon Scrolls, Casino Chips in market, and buying space in Hero inventory, try to balance between these 3, also some of Aspen Dungeon's deals are worth it :)
• 10/9/2017
Tavern quest reroll is king.
• 10/31/2017
Gems are meant to be used in events, otherwise you try to save up as much as you can.

0. IMO- I believe Casino Chips are worthless and not worth spending gems on, especially early in the game
(Casino events require 500 chips to complete, so if someone can explain why it's worth spending gems for please do)

1. Heroic Scrolls are nice to have, but if you have 10+ it's *not mandatory* to buy [Main use of Heroic Scroll is for daily mission]
(Heroic Scroll Events Requires prob 100+ so it's not worth grabbing every scroll if you are low on gems)

2. Hero Space Inventory will need to be increased as you get more 5star+ heroes
-4star hero shards are opened every time in order to find a fusion combo
-3star hero shards can be saved until you find the combo (this is to save space)

3. 4star Non-Mystery shards are a must buy when you have "excess gem/gold" if there are no events that require gems 1500+ is a good base line, gold is subjective.

4.Orbs are worth considering but it is still a risky investment, only reason to buy is for Orb events.
• 10/31/2017
0.) I do buy casino chips for gems and golds, this is the only way I can collect the amount that is required for the next casino event (VIP2+)

1.) Heroic Scrolls are NOT for daily missions. If you do the math, 1 costs 150 gems, while you only get +100 gems if you do all the quests in the daily, so you lost 50 gems that day. Only do 10/10 daily quests when you get the free heroic in the Summon Circle. Also do the 2x Casino spins on the same day (you would lose on that one alone too. Together they make up for the 100 gems that you get for 10/10 daily, since Heroic is free on every 2nd day)

2.) Bag upgrades are useful yes, not much to add here, try to keep everything as puzzle pieces and summon as little as you need

3.) I buy all hero shard for gold, don't buy any of them for gold.

4.) I do buy orbs. :)

These are my views on the game, but everyone plays the game the way they like!
• 12/30/2017
Some Events Requires gems :)
1) Chest event
2) QUEST event (This is the new event)
• 1/1/2018
well, casino chips is higly worth it!
The event is not always worth the price for the chips but you also get the rewards in the casino alone so it makes upp.

Daily quest is worth it, i do them everyday so i do loose 25 gems each day, but i also get a chance to get 5 star hero each day.

You should save the orbs, its hard to do but... just do it.

Arena event is pretty boring and alot of work, but its also worth it.
Basicly all the events are worth it, just save for each event what you need! i was a f2p untill lvl 118, and i was doing great its really not a pay2win game, they give you alot of stuff free and do support grinding!
I just bought monthly gems as its alot of value, and to get vip 3 i awsome!
Basicly, each event have value wich you should not neglegt! you dont have to pay at all! but it truly makes it a bit easier if you buy passively, i love the game and ive done far, thanks to ALL the events. just be paitent in the game, dosnt matter if you are f2p or p2w, all the events are worth it, dont waste summon orbs or heroic summon "butless daily quest".
I dont have the best team atm, but at the next combine event/summon 5 star event i will hav a 10 queen and 10 iceblink, including some more high quality heros, and its all thanks to me following the events.

And never buy those mystery hero shards, earn them in events and so on but dont buy them! low value and high risk for shit heros.
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