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I didn't spend money in this game
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• 8/26/2017

Best way to invest my items + hero formation

Hey, guys, I would like you to give me your opinions on a few topics, I'll put them all here so I don't open many discussions and as long as they connect in a way.

1st: As I noticed from other posts it is worth to save the arena-casino tickets and the heroic summon scrolls for the events. Is it worth though to buy them from the market-aspen dungeon for the 1x quantity or only the 10x? Also, should I buy them for gold only or for gems as well?

2nd: In which way should I spend my Brave Trial Tokens, my Guild Coins, my Glory Coins and my Gems?

3rd (this one is kind of irrelevant): How should my hero formation be? Because as I noticed it's not like 2 tanks in front and all the other 4 back, is there a trick or something I don't get? Like in the 1st front position be the tank, in 2nd front position dps or so?

I want to hear your thoughts on these aspects and if you feel like, give me the reasons why, so I can learn the game better :)
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• 8/28/2017
Hello Ermaras,
I'll try my best to help you out. You may look at for some tips too!

1.) Yes, it is definitely worth it to save everything in this game until the event comes, because the more you can spend during the event, the better the rewards you get are. About Aspen Dungeon buying, you can find how favorable the prices are at . You have to balance between buying Arena Tickets, Casino Chips, Heroic Summon Scrolls from the Market and buying Hero Inventory Space.

2.) Brave Trial Tokens (Dragon Scales), the best way to spend them are Monster Material, that's what the majority says.But I occasionally buy 5* hero shards too, although they are a bit pricey there.

3.) It is usually like Main tank, DPS, Secondary tank, other, other, other lineup. The reason for that is because how attacking works. Every enemy if they don't have to attack a specific target (like random, back line, etc), they will attack the first in the lineup, in the front line (that'll be your tank), and if your front line is gone, they do the same with the back line (which will start with your secondary tank). The 2nd spot is the safe spot, because a lot of heroes abilities target the back line, so your main DPS is safe from the harm in the 2nd spot. That's all the trick you have to know :)

If you'd like to join me and other fellow editors and Idle Heroes players, join us at :)
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