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I didn't spend money in this game
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• 7/20/2017

Appearance of this wiki

Hey guys,

I like this wiki but there are two things that are a bit unattractive.

1. The "advertising" or "trending facts" on the bottom of nearly every page is super annoying. Could you deactivate it, please?

2. The theme of this wiki is quite ugly to be honest. This purple color is way too intense. It would be better if you chose an other theme with a more neutral color, like dark blue, grey or something like that.

Thanks in advance,
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• 7/23/2017
Hello there Qhil,
Unfortunately I don't think it is possible to turn off the bottom part of articles since those are generated by FANDOM.
About 2.) maybe we can figure out something, I'll put a poll in the near future
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